The dark red lipstick guide

Come the Holiday season wearing dark red lipstick is one of my staple make up looks. Not only does it add to the festive spirit, I also love wearing a dark red lip in the winter time to set off against my blonde hair and fair complexion. There is just something about that Snow White look that I love. I selected 3 drugstore and 3 high end lipsticks from my collection to show you some of my favorite options for wearing a dark red lip. I have added links to reviews so you can see what all of these look like on my lips.

6 favorite dark red lipsticks

Dark red lipsticks can be hard to find in the drugstore, that is why I decided to make the effort and add those in. A good dark red is hard to find to begin with, but especially affordable brands seem to only have discovered recently that dark reds are a good thing. Most of the time if brands to a dark lipstick, it is a berry shade with a more purple under tone, but I like my dark lipstick to be red, pulling more towards a brown.

Maybelline Color Sensational Burgundy Blush

Maybelline’s Burgundy Blush is one of those lipsticks that is almost a hint too dark for me. It is matte, it is dark, it is intense and definitely has this reddish brown pull to it. Great for a dark and mysterious look, but you really shouldn’t have too much going on in the rest of your make up.

Milani Color Statement Moisture Matte lipstick 70 Matte Fearless

Matte Fearless by Milani is the only lipstick in this selection that has more of a berry undertone to it. This definitely pulls more purple in the swatch, but on my lips it most definitely looks like an intense red. Again, like the Maybelline lipstick I love how intense this is. Plus this has the ever so slight sheen to it, which makes it flattering and easy to wear to boot.

Catrice Ultimate Colour lipstick 450 Legend’Berry

It took a while for Catrice to released a good dark red, but when they finally did I was very pleased. This is the most moisturizing formula I have selected and therefore doesn’t stay put very well. That can be tricky with such a dark shade, but if you like keeping your lips moisturized and don’t mind a touch up here and there throughout the day than this is a lovely lipstick to have.

MAC Matte lipstick Sin

I had been umming and arring about what dark MAC lipstick to get for a while. I owned quite a few reds, but nothing dark and vampy like Sin. I ended up going for this one upon the recommendation by the MUA at the store and haven’t regretted my choice. It lasts all day and doesn’t really need a lip liner to look good.

MAC Amplified lipstick Darkside

The actual dark lipstick on my wishlist had been Diva. This lipstick is a touch lighter than Sin, but also matte. But after comparing swatches, I figured that a shade like Diva would not be unique to my collection. That is why I went the color equivalent of Diva in a different finish. Of the Amplified lipsticks (which is a touch more moisturizing than the matte formula but lasts as long), Darkside is the perfect dupe to Diva and I love how this has that slight sheen to it that just makes your lips look healthy and glossy.

NARS Audacious lipstick Bette

The last lipstick I would like to share with you is NARS Bette. The Audicious lipsticks aren’t quite matte, but when it comes to a dark red then this is the shade that mostly hits it out of the park. This is definitely a true dark red and has no purple nor very brown undertones. It costs a sweet penny, but it fits the bill best color wise.

Burgundy Blush, Matte Fearless, Legend’Berry, Sin, Darkside, Bette

Swatched you can clearly see the difference between these shades. Matte Fearless is the most purple, followed by Darkside. Sin and Burgundy Blush have a stronger brown undertone, while Legend’Berry has more pink to it. Formula wise I like Sin best as it lasts the longest and truly doesn’t move around without being too dry.

What is your favorite dark red lisptick?

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