Viseart Sultry Muse eyeshadow palette

A palette I’ve been meaning to review for some time now is the Viseart Sultry Muse palette. This incredibly expensive high end brand is raved about so much in the make up and beauty world and all that buzz had made me quite curious. So over summer I decided to cave. By now I have had plenty of time to play around with my Sultry Muse palette and tell you about my thoughts.

Viseart Sultry Muse eyeshadow palette 05

This is not the Viseart palette that everybody raves about. That would be the neutral matte palette. But because I already have plenty of neutral matte shadows, I wanted to go for a different one. I heard EmilyNoel83 rave about the Sultry Muse palette. About how it had some more unique shades etc and after doing some research and looking at swatches I bought this one over the other offerings. At €73.95 it was an expensive gamble but at that time I had decided it was worth it.

The price of this product is by no means reflected in the packaging of the palette. These palettes aren’t intended to be put on display on a vanity. This brand focuses on make up professionals. So this palette is designed to be slim and easy to take with you on the go. If you travel a lot or do a lot of make up on other people, that’s a plus. If you need fancy packaging to suck you in, this isn’t one for you.

Shade wise this palette is very neutral and very shimmery. You can pretty much see the light bouncing off some of these shades. When I bought this, I thought it was a bit more rosy undertoned rather than very beige and warm. Since I could only judge these shades online, I was a little bit disappointed to see it wasn’t the case. Let’s have a closer look at the shades.

The first row of shadows is very very neutral and unexciting. Don’t get me wrong the shades are nice, but they are a little bit samey-samey for my taste, but they pretty much all work well. The third shade (bottom left) is the biggest let down of the palette and is mostly glitter. These shades are also so light that they nearly blend away against my skin tone.

My favorite row of shadows in this palette: the middle row! Featuring the 4 shades with the most color and shine, it is no wonder I guess. I love the copper and rose gold in this. The brown is great for adding definition and the warm mid toned brown is easy as a transition shade. As you can see these shades, despite all being shimmery, do have some different textures. Some are almost metallic while others are more muted.

The final row of the palette pulls much more cool toned and is quite the odd one out. The silver I have a hard time working into a look because all the other shades have such a different look and feel to them. The peachy pink is great as a blending shade and the dark grey is great for a more smokey look. The one shade here that’s a bit meh would be the last shade: this looks like a satin beige but once swatched it proves to be a very soft gold.

Looking at the swatches, you can see that all these shades are gorgeous. The rose gold? Check. That copper? Check. The dark grey? Check. Those are the standout shades in the palette. But there are also a few that make me feel a bit meh. The entire top row is very samey-samey as are the pink and gold in the bottom row. If you were to line those 6 shades up, you would see that this palette has 6 incredibly light shades that all look very similar once blended onto the eye.

Look #1:

Row 2, shade 1 (lid)
Row 2, shade 4 (crease)
Row 2, shade 2 (outer V & lower lash line)
Row 1, shade 2 (blending)
Row 1, shade 3 (brow bone & inner corner highlight)

For my first look I worked in that rosy tone. I have to say I love this look. It is very delicate and romantic. Due to the quality of these shadows it nearly has an airy feel to it. Stunning look? Yes, but easily dupable with other palettes I have. I feel I could do something similar with my Naked 3 palette.

Look #2:

Row 3, shade 3 (lid)
Row 2, shade 4 (crease)

I kept the second look very simple. Just two shades and again, while pretty and soft, this is a look I can create with one of my gazillion other eyeshadow palettes. After using this a few times, I think this might be a great eyeshadow palette to use if you’re doing make up on brides a lot. Though this brand does have a separate bridal palette as well.

Look #3:

Row 2, shade 3 (lid)
Row 2, shade 4 (crease)Row 2, shade 2 (liner)

I know you were waiting for this one right? If you follow this space, you know I love my coppery shadows and this is no exception. Hands down my favorite shadow in the entire palette is the copper. It pulls off like this amazing almost liquid metallic. The sheen on this is incredible and I felt it didn’t need much of anything else to make this a look. This shadow works easily as a stand alone shade. But unique? Definitely not! I feel like every self-respecting makeup brand nowadays has at least one good copper eyeshadow in their arsenal.

Despite the high costs of this palette, I’m afraid to say that this isn’t my favorite. Don’t get me wrong, the texture and blendability of these shades are just amazing. You can definitely tell that that’s where your money went to. But shade wise this palette is so easy to dupe if you already own other neutral shadows. If you are someone just starting out with make up and you don’t own that many eyeshadow palettes yet and you’re willing to splurge: then be my guest. But no that there are alternatives that are so much cheaper and work just as well.

What is the most expensive make up product you own?

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