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Who remembers the days when MAC was like THE most talked about make up brand in the online beauty community? *Raises hand*. Back when I first started blogging and when I first set foot in the beauty community, MAC was the top of the line brand to get your hands on. This was before we had Urban Decay Naked palettes, before we had Make Up Geek palettes, Anastasia liquid lipsticks and Becca highlighters. I still love me a bit of MAC and I keep on purchasing and repurchasing items from the brand. Which is why I thought it would be fun to go over some questions regarding the brand.

MAC Addict Tag

MAC Addict Tag

How did you find MAC? Consciously I found it back when I first got into make up 7 or 8 years ago. Subconsciously I found the brand almost 12 years ago. I bought a MAC nail polish from a CCO when I was on exchange in the US during my studies. However, at the time, I didn’t know much about make up and didn’t care for it either.

How old were you when you bought your first MAC product and what was it? I was 24? That would be my best guess. I had heard all this buzz about MAC as a brand and set an appointment with an MUA at a counter to get a good introduction to the brand. I remember buying MAC Velvet Teddy and MAC Omega eyeshadow.

How many MAC products do you have? I have quite a few and I showed my MAC make up collection in this video. I have lip liners, single shadows, face powders, blushes and a few random bits and bops. What I have the most off are the shadows and lipsticks though.

Worst product you’ve ever bought? Creme d’Nude lipstick. Too pale, not flattering at all. But I wanted a very nude lipstick, but I ended up wearing it only once or twice. I gave it away to a friend after being in denial for too long.

Favorite MAC product. There are a few products that I love. At Dusk Extra Dimension Blush is the first thing that pops into my head. As well as Woodwinked eyeshadow, Russian Red and Brave lipsticks.

Favorite MAC lipstick. I already mentioned two of my faves which are also in this picture in the question above. My third favorite MAC lipstick has to be Mehr. In total, I have 20 lipsticks, which I showed you in this video.

Favorite MAC MSF? I only have one: Lust from a LE collection a few years ago. It is not so much a highlight but it is mostly a blush topper or blush on its own.

Favorite MAC eyeshadow? Woodwinked & Patina are my go to eyeshadow shades by MAC, but there are many more that I like. I love Shale for instance and Nylon and Retrospeck are also two of my all time favorites. You can see my entire MAC palette here.

Favorite MAC foundation? Since I am not big on MAC foundation, I have only tried one: Face & Body. I loved it and used it up completely.

Did you use up any MAC products and repurchased them? Prep + Prime Translucent powder pressed, which you can see in the picture above. I bought this and used it up before ever properly reviewing this powder, but I bought a back up ages ago. So I will be sure to do a full review once I get around to using it.

What MAC product is on your wishlist? Currently there are none. I perhaps would like to repurchase the MAC Select Moisture Cover concealer, but I already have so many other concealers that I think it wise to use up some before adding any more to my collection.

Most expensive MAC purchase? My MAC eyeshadow palette for sure. Of course I didn’t buy it all in one go. In fact, where this palette now stands has been 7 years in the making. The minute I started buying MAC I already knew I wanted to build my own palette. So I bought an empty one and filled it up. I updated and upgraded it over the past year though.

MAC product with a special memory? I don’t have too many MAC products tied up with special memories. All I can think of is Russian Red. I had a dance performance a few years ago and we were told to wear red lipstick to match our red shirts. When my dance group saw that Russian Red was the perfect matte red that just went with the clothes everyone wanted to wear it. Whenever I see that lipstick it just reminds me of that day.

What can MAC improve? Prices and availability. Some of their greatest products are limited edition and so few make it into the regular line. And while the price of shadows has dropped to a mere $6 in the US, over here you still pay €13 for a single pan.

Favorite limited edition? I try not to get too crazy about the MAC limited editions. Back when everyone was raving about it, I did, but right now I don’t. I haven’t purchased anything from a limited edition collection in years. My favorite must have been the Alluring Aquatic collection.

What product needs more attention? MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Natural. This is my go to powder in the summer time. All I need is concealer and this on a hot day to make my skin look flawless and natural. It works great in the warmer weather too and is just a good all rounder. I go back to it every year when temperatures start to heat up.

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  1. Prijzen ben ik het echt helemaal mee eens! Het is zo (belachelijk) duur op sommige plekken. En er mag idd ook wel een MAC store wat meer bij mij in de buurt komen!

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