Week in outfits #5

For the fifth time in history I am posting a week in outfits. These outfits I truly wore out and about: to work, running errands and to the gym. I took these pictures in my first week back at work after my Christmas vacation. I don’t know about you, but I always love dressing up again for work after not going there for a while. Now by no means does my work employ some form of dresscode, so I have quite a lot of freedom as to what I can wear. The result? A lot of forest green, oranges and yellows.

I included just 6 days, because I spent Sunday in PJ bottoms and a baggy sweater. Not exactly blog worthy 😉

Monday 9 January 2017

Cardigan | Only
T-shirt | H&M
Skirt | Topshop
Brogues | ClarksTights | Primark

I went back to work after 2 weeks of vacation in this little number. The pleated skirt I already featured in my fall haul last October and my fall lookbook. I finally got around to wearing it. I styled up a little bit differently than in the lookbook though. I wanted to add a little bit more shape to it and so I paired it with a grey t-shirt which I tucked in and a forest green cardigan. I threw on my forest green brogues and a pair of opaque tights and I was all ready to go.

Tuesday 10 January 2017

Sweater | H&M
Jeans | Topshop
Boots | H&M

For day 2 I went with a super comfy outfit. I would be in for a long day with presentation resits in the morning and an open evening till 9 PM so I would be out and about from 7 AM till 11 PM. I opted for my trusty grey Jamie Jeans and threw on this super comfy high necked jumper. I also own it in yellow. Because I liked that so much, I also bought it in this rusty orange shade, which I think goes well with my hair color. To play up the tones of the sweater, I wore my leopard Chelsea boots to round off the outfit.

Wednesday 11 January 2017

Cardigan | Only
Dress | Asos
Tights | Primark
Shoes | Dr Marten’s

Wednesday’s was filled with meetings, appointments and teaching. I decided to go for one of my favorite outfit styles: a skater dress with a chunky cardigan and some comfy flat shoes. I knew I wanted to wear this houndstooth print dress as it had been a while. This is a dress I typically wear more in the summer time, but I decided to change it up and see if I could style it up for the winter. Since the outfit would otherwise be very monotone I decided to throw on this mustard yellow cardigan. I just love how black and white outfits pair with this color.

Thursday 12 January 2017

Top | H&M
Skirt | H&M
Tights | Pieces
Boots | New Look

My day off was spent running errands, watching Youtube videos, blogging and going to the gym. When I headed out the door, I decided to put some more effort into my look and tried on an outfit that had been in my head ever since I bought these pieces. The minute I bought this top, I knew I’d want to pair it with this skirt. It just took a while for it to look flattering on. I wore my green tights with it, but in hindsight I think black tights would have been better as I wore a black shoe.

Friday 13 January 2017

Cardigan | H&M
Dress | Asos
Tights | Pieces
Shoes | Sacha

Final workday of the week and the night before I tried on this dress to see if it would fit me again. I haven’t been able to wear this dress for more than 1.5 years! You can understand my joy when I found out it fits. I wore all great to complement the dress. I did want the print to stand out and I think the green clashes nicely with the orange and other murky shades that this dress is made up of. It also meant I finally got to wear my green wedges again.

Saturday 14 January 2017

Hoodie | Primark
Top | H&M
Leggings | H&M
Socks | H&M

Saturday is work out day and I thought it would be nice to share a gym outfit with you. Excuse my disheveled look, but I am not one for wearing make up to the gym. I simply roll out of bed, get groceries and head to the gym, so I feel no need to look all fancy smancy. Pretty much all of my workout gear is from H&M. I simply buy a piece here and there and built up a collection of outfits over the years. Underneath the top I wear a double layered sports bra, with a good support sports bra as the first layer (it’s from Hunkemoller btw) and a bra top over it. I like keeping everything in place as I jump around.

What is your favorite outfit?

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