My favorite bookish youtubers

Did you know there is this world called Booktube? Yeah I didn’t know either, until a few years ago and I became obsessed. Well obsessed isn’t the right word as there aren’t many booktubers I’m subscribed to. Most of them are a bit too young minded for me. At least the most popular channels seem to read nothing but YA fantasy and YA contemporary for the most part and that isn’t always my cup of tea. So I haven’t found the perfect channel for me yet, but I have certainly found a few channels that I love to watch from time to time.

Books and Quills

This channel is owned by a Dutch girl who lives in London and it was the first channel I started watching. I found Sanne because she did a video together with Estee Lalonde from at the time EssieButton. They did a collab together and that’s how I was introduced to this world of books on youtube. She mostly reads all genres of fiction, has a soft spot for The Fault in Our Stars and loves graphic novels.

Peruse Project

Reagan is mostly into high fantasy and a very prolific reader. She also reads some adult fiction and overall has a quirky personality that just shines through all her videos. A very regular uploader, I do not watch all of her videos. I find that she repeats herself a tad too much at times. If she loves a book, she will mention it in almost every video which is a bit much at times. But overall, she knows how to sell a book and many of the books I bought in the past year, I bought because she made me curious for them.

Little Book Owl

The second channel I every properly started watching is Little Book Owl. Katrina is from Australia and therefore has a different take on what’s out there. She participates a lot in read-a-thons and her reading is quite diverse. She doesn’t upload very regularly anymore, but I am still subscribed because I usually love her videos when she does upload.

A Book Utopia

Sacha Alsberg is a little too hyper for me to enjoy her videos on a regular basis (hyper seems to be quite the norm for many booktubers), but she does appear to be one of the biggest channels. Her tastes are a bit juvenile and very much romance/ fantasy driven, but from time to time I like watching her videos (especially hauls and bookcase tours) as she seems to be one of the first to get her hands on new releases.

Jesse the Reader

Another quite hyper booktuber is Jesse. Again, not a channel where I watch every video. His taste is again quite young and he seems to like books that aren’t overly complicated or dark (which I do like from time to time). Like Sacha he seems to be getting books first and also does reviews of movie tie ins and trailers. I mostly watch his wrap ups and TBR videos as there you get the summary.

Books with Emily Fox

A very new booktuber is Emily. You may know her as she also has a popular beauty channel (famous for its lipswatch videos) called Beauty with Emily Fox. She started booktube last summer and she is French Canadian and decided to start reading more English. She buys heaps of books from her local library and reads and equal amount. I enjoy her videos as it sort of shows her journey of exploring the possibilities of booktube and what her reading tastes are.

Sun Beams Jess

Jess is not a booktuber per se. She’s a fashion vlogger, but she’s majoring in English literature and in recent years has decided to add bookish content to her channel. Her discussion of the books is far more academic and she tries to read as diversely as she can. She’s even started her own book club that you can join and add your two cents and she will add those points into her videos. The videos aren’t as short and snappy as some of the more popular Booktubers’, but they are definitely more informative and she really seems to know what she’s talking about.

Which booktubers do you watch?

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