January make up look

For the last video of January I am bringing you an affordable make up look. I have changed up my make up routine ever so slightly this month and mostly I’ve been using affordable products. I also wanted to showcase some of the new Catrice products which I showed you last week. The only products not from the drugstore are my eyeshadow primer and my brow gel. I simply haven’t found any great alternatives yet or they are products that I like using up completely before opening a new tube, which means that I simply use what I have.

Natural everyday makeup look

This is a very natural, everyday look, with a neutral blush, a healthy glow and a coppery/ brown soft smokey eye. It’s simple, it’s easy and this is one of those typical looks that I will wear to work on an everyday basis. As I mentioned in one of my posts this week, I am not a big fan of overly contoured, plastic fantastic make up with highlight and browns on fleek and a baked face. So I thought I’d showcase what I do like. And this is the result!

I have been wearing all of these products as much as possible and I also threw in a few new make up tricks that I spotted that I thought might be useful. I switched up the brush I use to blend in my concealer which was a complete accident in fact and I also went back to some of my old favorites. In short, even if you’ve already seen a make up look from me, this will still be an interesting video to watch. Plus it’s short. I hope you enjoy!

Products used:

I hope you have a great Sunday!
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