Bookcase tour

In today’s video we are doing something slightly different again. I have a bookcase tour for you. After watching many of these videos in the past 1.5 – 2 years I knew I wanted to update mine. I finally got round to filming every single book I keep on my shelves and so I hope you enjoy. Let me know in a comment below if there are any books in particular that you’d be interested in seeing in more detail.

Bookcase Tour

Before you say: woah Maaike, you have so many books. I know I do and this book collection was gathered over many many years. I started getting serious about book buying in my late teens, when I first moved out for college. I studied English and literature was a major part of my studies. I think that about 50% of my shelves are still comprised of books I bought for classes. So if your intention is to grow your bookshelves fast, then studying a literature course is highly recommended.

Secondly, I worked at a library for 5 years. This means I had first dibs on many books that would go into the library sale. On top of all of those opportunities, I have been buying books on a regular basis since I became a student. I scoured flea markets and discount bookshops mostly back then and moved on to shopping at bookstores as I gained a more steady income. Currently, I shop online as well in my local bookstores. Many books I am interested in aren’t readily available here as English language books are by far a minority in our bookstores. So sometimes I have to resort to online shopping as the availability is a lot more consistent.

I also accumulated quite some books through gift vouchers. I used to work at university events to inform prospect students about the studies and the university. I worked at fairs in my as well as other cities, on campus and off campus, for both English, as an alumni and the international office about my study abroad experience. The reward for all those efforts? Book vouchers. But since I had already graduated by the time I got them, I decided to put them towards fun books instead. I remember carrying an arm full of books around a bookstore once and the lady asking me: are you getting all of those? And I didn’t have to pay a penny.

Happy Sunday!
Apologies for the late post, but I’ve been having trouble with my video editing program all weekend. And you can imagine this took a while to edit. I hope you still enjoy.

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