How to add a pop of color

It is easy to opt for a standard neutral make up look every day of the week and there is nothing wrong with that. I very often go for a basic look as it is quick, easy and always a good idea. But I also enjoy a good dose of color from time to time. That is why I thought I could share with you my favorite ways of adding a pop of color to my make up look. So this one is for you: in case you are trying to venture out of your comfort zone and don’t know how, or how to keep it wearable.

How to add a pop of color in 5 different ways

1.) On the lips – This may seem pretty obvious, but I think also the easiest to do. Little skill is required and you can keep your eyes very basic and still achieve a full impact. To see what a difference a lipstick can make to your appearance, I’d like to refer you to my MAC lipswatch video. In this video I swatch 20 different lipstick shades while wearing the same make up look. From a vampy red to a nude: all shades are used here and it is great to see what each shade does for my complexion.

2.) On the lower lash line – The easiest way to wear color on your eyes is by keeping most of your look neutral and adding a pop of color on your lower lash line. Either by applying a pencil or liner the effect can be great. To give you an idea what that would look like, you can watch this tutorial. I’m aware this look implements a touch more color than just the lower lash, but the focus of the color is most definitely on the lower lashes. This is the version I use most often.

3.) As eyeliner – If you dare to go bolder you can always opt for a colored eyeliner. Rather than just focusing color onto the lower lash line, the color will now be on the top lash line. If you want to go the extra mile, you can even apply the liner all around. That is what I did in this make up look (which is still one of my favorites, I will have to recreate this some time!). By dragging the liner into the inner corner, the eye gets a good frame and the indigo color simply makes my eyes pop.

4.) In the inner corner – An unexpected way of adding color is by focusing the brightest, most intense shade in your inner corner or inner third of the eye. On my eye shape that part of the eye is the most visible, which is why I love adding a touch of color there. I did a bright neon green highlight using the Sleek Acid palette you can see in the pictures above and this is what that looked like.

5.) On the lid – All over color and not using any neutrals is of course the ultimate way of using color. If you don’t dare to go that far yet, then opting for close to neutral colors can work. You can then concentrate the color on your lid and frame the rest of the look with more neutral shades. As an example I want to show you the look I did eons ago with the Catrice palette in the picture.

How do you apply color to your make up looks?


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