Catrice Highlighter Merry Cherry Blossom

Catrice is the brand that just keeps on giving! While I wasn’t all that pleased with some of their newly released lipsticks, there is one product in the new line that has pleasantly surprised me. It’s their newest highlighting powder. If you like some KAPOW glow in your life, then keep on reading, because this highlighter is a beaut.

catrice highlighter highlighting powder 015 merry cherry blossom swatch review

Catrice Highlighting Powder 015 Merry Cherry Blossom

At only €3.99 this highlighter is a steal! And while I haven’t always been pleased with the Catrice highlighting selection, but they hit the nail on the head from time to time. I tend to like their individual highlighters as they seem to have the better textures and aren’t too powdery, yet give a decent amount of glow.

They all tend to lean quite cool toned though, so if that’s not your cup of tea than you might find these disappointing. Now I personally love a cool toned highlight and that’s why Merry Cherry Blossom seemed right up my street.

The Packaging


As per usual the packaging is plain and simple. I like how Catrice makes it packaging fuss free. There is no mirror, no brush, but that makes for sleeker, easier to store packaging. The plastic does feel quite cheap, but the styling of it makes this look not as cheap as it in fact it. I think that that is something Catrice does well: give their products a much more luxurious look than warranted by their price point.

The Product


The highlighter itself consists of a multi-toned powder that is divided by small honeycombs in the pan. There are lighter and darker shades of rose to be seen in the pan, but when you stir your brush into it, you will just get one shade. The colors aren’t distinct enough and dispersed over the pan too much that you cannot hone into just one shade. You have to blend them together.

It reminded me of the highlighter in Stardust that I already owned, but I was hoping for something less icy and something a hint more flattering. The pattern isn’t exactly the same as Stardust has a pillow kind of pattern in the pan, but the idea and the actual product are very similar: it is just a different shade.

The Swatch


When swatched this highlight looks mostly like a soft rosy pink, but when the light hits it the glow is most certainly there. The reflect this has is definitely more cool toned and almost white. It is very pearlescent and the pinky undertone is most definitely there. It is not as icy white as some highlighters, but definitely more of an icy glow rather than a sunkissed glow. If you have cool to neutral undertone or are fair skinned like me: this is your type of highlight shade.

Texture wise this highlighter feels quite stiff, but there isn’t too much kick back. I was surprised at how much this actually turned into a luminous glow in the swatch rather than a glittery mess. This went on smoothly, blended well and let itself be build up too. So you are in charge of how intense this looks when you wear it. Always a plus.

The Look


You can see really well what I mean with the undertone and how this works when applied to the cheeks. In the top picture I am not wearing any highlight. On the bottom picture I have used a small amount. As you can see the highlight is cool toned and pink and packs a decent punch. It doesn’t necessarily highlight any unevenness in my skin, but as with any highlighter, this does accentuate some of the milia on my cheek.


But when you also apply blush and actually face the camera straight on that kapow highlight is barely noticeable. Instead, there is a gorgeous luminous glow to the face which I love. Whenever you turn you head though and the light hits your cheek at the right angle this will definitely show up more.

The Conclusion

With this highlighter, Catrice has definitely come out with a product that works very well. It’s not quite the type of highlight you get with a Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector, but still for just under 4 euros this highlighter works like a dream. If this type of highlighter color suits your skin tone and undertones than this will be a great addition to your make up collection.

What do you think of the Catrice Highlighting Powder in Merry Cherry Blossom?

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  1. The design on the compact is so eye catching! I only have 1 pink-toned highlighter and I don’t reach for it often. I find it looks too obvious on my skin tone. But this looks really nice on you.

  2. I have two highlights- The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter and the one which comes in Swamp Queen palette. If I didn’t have none, I’d probably get 🙂

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