Spring haul & lookbook

In the past few weeks I’ve bought a few tidbits to update my wardrobe for spring. I didn’t get too many items, but I thought I’d show you these nonetheless. To make the video a bit more informative and entertaining, I will be showing a full lookbook with 6 outfits that I have created using the items I am showing you. So if you would like to know how I updated my spring wardrobe and how I style those items, then keep on reading!

spring 2017 haul lookbook fashion outfits

Spring haul & lookbook

A full list of items and outfits is given below. All items are from H&M as they are just the easiest to shop from for me. With H&M I pretty much always know my size and they have changed their shipping procedures which has been a blessing. It’s so much quicker now and I feel they had some great things in this season.

You will find there is a theme here. I’m really attracted to pinks this season, as well as dusty blue/ grey and black. So this isn’t the most spring like haul, but I already bought some other spring items at the beginning of the season, which I already showed in this video. So check that out, if you’d like to find out what else I’ll be wearing this spring.

Items mentioned:

  • Grey knit sweater
  • Burgundy shaping jeans
  • Pink ruffle blouse
  • Black lace top
  • Black embroidered dress
  • Pink knit cardigan
  • Blue/ grey blouse
  • White embroidered cotton blouse

Outfit 1:

  • Grey sweater (H&M)
  • Burgundy jeans (H&M)
  • Grey boots (H&M)

Outfit 2:

  • Pink ruffle blouse (H&M)
  • Black Jamie jeans (Topshop)
  • Embroidered boots (New Look)

Outfit 3:

  • Pink cardigan (Pieces)
  • Black lace top (H&M)
  • Black Jamie jeans (Topshop)
  • Black stiletto heels (Manfield)

Outfit 4:

  • Black embroidered dress (H&M)
  • Pink cardigan (H&M)
  • Booties (Clarks)

Outfit 5:

  • Blue/ grey blouse (H&M)
  • Faux leather skirt (Forever 21)
  • Booties (H&M)

Outfit 6:

  • White embroidered cotton blouse (H&M)
  • Light Leigh jeans (Topshop)
  • Tassled booties (H&M)

What did you do to update your wardrobe for spring?

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  1. chucky1012 says:

    Very nice outfits 😉
    Great video.


    1. indiequeen84 says:

      Thank you! I felt very inspired by these pieces.

  2. jansyluvzu says:

    looking good girl!

    1. indiequeen84 says:

      Thanks 😉

  3. Great post! Love these looks <3

    1. indiequeen84 says:

      Thank you! I had fun putting them together.

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    1. indiequeen84 says:

      Thanks, will do once I have more time.

      1. Thanks! love your new post btw x

      2. Thank you x

  5. lovely outfits!

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