Book series nobody talks about

With Booktube and Bookstagram it is so easy to get caught up in hype and forget about all the wonderful books out there that do not fit current reading trends. But just because they aren’t trendy, doesn’t mean that those forgotten books aren’t any good. So I asked myself, if I had to pick 5 book series favorites that I don’t hear much buzz about, which would they be? And I figured these would be them. These are my 5 favorite book series that nobody talks about.

book series nobody talks about cormoran strike robert galbraith jk rowling jonathan stroud lockwook & co Ben Aaronovitch Peter Grant series Genevieve Cogman The Invisible Library Alex Grecian The Yard

5 book series that nobody talks about

I’ve been reading books for far longer than I wrote reviews, blogged, made youtube videos or discovered Booktube. And I find that Booktube can be quite limited. Online, most recommendations seem to come for YA books and that isn’t always my cup of tea. Besides, whatever is posted online is very fickle and trends come and go. If there is one medium that can challenge that throw-away culture it’s books.

So that’s why I really wanted to do this video. Most of these books are fairly recent discoveries and as far as I know they are all still running with new books coming or having just come out. All of these books have one thing in common though: I found them through browsing bookstores, not through Youtube. And those are sometimes the best finds.

Books mentioned:

  • Robert Galbraith (aka JK. Rowling) – Cormoran Strike series
  • Jonathan Stroud – Lockwood & Co series
  • Ben Aaronovitch – Peter Grant series
  • Genevieve Cogman – The Invisible Library series
  • Alex Grecian – The Yard series

What book series do you think is underrated and needs some more love?

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5 responses to “Book series nobody talks about”

  1. Ik ken ze allemaal niet joh! Die eerste van JK wel over gehoord in het nederlands denk ik, maar nooit gelezen. Misschien toch maar eens doen

  2. I’d already added The Invisible Library on your recommendation, The Yard has been on my list for a long time, & now I’ll have to add Peter Grant! I’ve been avoiding series lately because I have so many books on my list & if I get sucked into a series hole I may never emerge. That being said I have a novella that is 1 of 3 on its way so if I get bitten by the series bug again it will be brief.
    I am always championing Jasper Fforde as my favorite author of under appreciated series. Thursday Next is my all time fave & Nursery Crimes are clever to boot!

    • I love book series! It gives me a purpose in my reading game. It’s certainly the only way in which I’ll be able to finish my goodreads reading challenge.

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