Favorite Catrice nail polishes

If there is one brand that I love for nail polishes it is Catrice. There are a few others of course, but when it comes to affordable brands that are readily available to me, then Catrice would be my pick. It is hands down the brand I have the most polishes from and that is why I also have quite a few favorites. I picked 10 of my all time favorite Catrice polishes. This is them.

Favorite Catrice nail polishes

As you can see it is quite the selection. From limited edition top coats, to solid cremes as well as the odd glitter: there is a little bit of everything here. These polishes retail between €2.99 and €3.99 and are therefore very affordable. I do have to say that I prefer Catrice’s different finishes better than many of their solid colors. That’s because they changed their formula a few years ago, which made polishes thinner and streakier than before.

First Class Up Grape!

The problem with Catrice is that they discontinue shades faster than lightning, meaning that a stunning shade such as this is no longer available. This purple has a subtle golden sheen to it, which makes this the perfect fall shade. I am wearing it on my nails here.

Genius in the Bottle

Who remembers this one? I think Genius in the Bottle is a cult beauty favorite. Not only because it is a perfect dupe for a Chanel polish, but also because it was just a great polish overall. This dirty gold with a green shift is simply a great polish to have. I am wearing it here.

Glitter Me if You Can

Part of the limited edition collection of the first round with Luxury Lacquers, Glitter Me if You Can wasn’t an instant favorite. I mean: it’s orange glitter. That means that this is a bit of an acquired taste. But then I wore it (here) and I fell in love. On the nail this pulls far more brassy and makes for a great glitter look that isn’t too out there.

100 Per Sand Real

Ah the liquid sand craze! I was a fan of it and I still like wearing textured nail polish from time to time, even if it isn’t a trend anymore. I wore this (here) silver textured polish a ton when I first bought this. It was part of the same limited edition collection as the Glitter Me If You Can. I did a full blog post on that line here.

Virgin Forest

Another limited edition polish: sorry! I simply love the limited editions by Catrice. This is where they often do the craziest colors and finishes and those are the things that add something new to your collection. Virgin Forest has a very specific use though: it is my favorite toe nail polish. I wear this a ton in the summer time and I love how it stays on and adds a touch of vibrancy to any outfit.


This is a newer polish and one that I love. I believe this is currently still available. It looks a bit light in the bottle, but when you swatch this it dries to a very pretty dusty pink. A perfect neutral shade that goes with anything. And what’s more: this pretty much goes on with one coat. I am wearing it here.

Up in the Air

The perfect sky blue nail polish color? Up in the Air. Sadly this is no longer available, but Sky so Fly from the newer polishes is very similar. It’s a touch lighter and brighter than this one though, which is why I prefer this one.

Red Notting Hill Thrill

For a while Catrice made their Luxury Lacquers range permanent. And I loved it. They had a few different finishes and it wasn’t until these were almost discontinued that I picked up this vibrant red. It has a streak of silver running through it, which makes this very shiny and almost metallic.

Million Dollar Baby

Catrice has always done different top coats and I remember people went crazy for the Million Styles top coat limited edition a few years ago. They brought back a few of these polishes to their permanent line for a while, but they seem to have disappeared again. Million Dollar Baby with its mix of both silver and gold glitter has been one of my all time favorite top coats. I am wearing it here.

Magical Bluelight

The Moon Rock polishes had a very quiet launch. Catrice renewed their line and suddenly they were there. I haven’t heard anyone talk about these and it’s a shame, because these are some of the best polishes Catrice has done in a long time. Magical Bluelight is my favorite. The dusty dirty lilac has tons of different colored bar shaped glitter suspended in it. Personally, I love how this looks on the nail (here).

Are you familiar with Catrice polishes? What are your favorites?

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