Boozy Cosmetics 10 pc Rose Gold Sculpt and Blend brush set

For a while I had been looking for an affordable travel brush set. So that one, I always have a set ready to go and two, so I wouldn’t have to lug around my large brushes every single time. That is why I purchased the Boozy Cosmetics Rose Gold Sculpt & Blend brush set last summer. I have used it a few times since then and by now I have formed a good opinion of this make up brush set.

Boozy Cosmetics Rose Gold Sculpt & Blend set

Boozy Cosmetics is available from the Dutch beauty webshop Boozyshop. This website sells a lot of make up brands not readily available in stores and I’ve been shopping there for a long time. For some time they have been doing their own brush line, which is not only affordable, but also looks cool. I had heard great things about this brush set and decided to try it. The set costs €29.99.

The Packaging

The brush set comes with this white pouch. The brushes fit in here perfectly and there is room for more. Plus it’s an easy way to store your brushes when you’re not using them and it is slim and sleek so it is easy to take with you on the go. It is white though so the inside of this is now looking a little dirty from all the make up that has transferred from the brushes, but that was to be expected.

The Face Brushes

This set comes with 5 face brushes. And these are my favorite brushes in the set. The quality is soft and the array you receive is diverse enough to do a full face of make up. The only thing missing here is another face brush that is great with bronzer or face powder depending on what you use each of these brushes for. Let’s have a closer look.

Precision Powder

The largest brush in the set is the precision powder brush. It is quite big and fluffy, but not so big that you will get powder in the wrong places. I’ve been loving this for applying bronzer though. As it is quite rounded it works better for that as it allows you to blend the product at the same time. I only use powder in targeted areas and this brush is a little bit too big for my tastes because of that.

Round Buffer

I love a good buffer brush to apply my foundation. And while this gets the job done just fine, I think this is a little too flimsy to do a really good job. It works, it just takes a little bit longer to get an even application. As it is quite fluffy, it is easy to get streaks and it has quite a bit of give to the top of the brush hairs, which means this drags product rather than blends.

Angled Contour

Despite the name, I’ve been using this to apply blush. It is a touch small for blush, but too big for contour I find. But it works just fine as a blush brush. This brush is very soft, like the other two and I feel this simply gets the job done.

Precision Flat Contour

This brush makes the set for me. It is a very narrow brush which allows you to apply a very precise and targeted contour at first. Then I like to flip this round and use the flat side to blend out the contour and get rid of any harsh lines. Works marvelously well for that. Again super soft brush.

Face Shaper

Another brush that could be used for contour, but I prefer these domed type of brushes for applying highlight. And that’s what this one does very well. It makes for a very targeted, precise application and I like using an additional powder brush to blend out the highlight.

The Eye Brushes

You know how in brush sets you will always have a few options you think you will never use. Not with this brush set. At least when I first got this I could see how I might use all of these and that’s still true. But when it comes to adding additional brushes to this set to make it more well-rounded, this is where I had to add in most. As a flat shader, a smudger and good blending and lower lashline brushes were missing I added those in. Luckily I already had those in my make up collection, so they were easily added to my little travel pouch.

Round Conceal Buffer

I like how this comes with a designated concealer brush. It is a little bit too stiff for my tastes though. Again, this gets the job done, but the Real Techniques Deluxe Crease brush still is miles ahead of this one.

Soft Blender

This brush tries to be too many things one go. It has a mostly flat shape, but is fluffy at the same that. This is why this brush fails on two fronts. One, it is horrible at laying down shadow and gives a lot of fall out because it’s too fluffy. Two, it is horrible at giving a good blend as it is too flat to do so. I still have a use for this brush though: it is great at applying a soft matte blending shade to blend out the crease or a brown bone highlight.

Crease Shader

This is more like a pencil brush than anything else. This is again quite stiff and hence does little to no blending, especially not in the crease. That is why I prefer to use this in my inner corner or on the lower lash line. But inner corner mostly as it has just a little too much give to really apply shadow on the lower lash line. It’s good for smoking things out though.

Brow Liner

For years, I’ve been using brow pencils, so a brow brush isn’t really one that is high on my list. This is the brush I hence use the least. It is too thick to be used as a liner brush, but this does work on the lower lash line. However, the angled shape and stiff brush hairs don’t make it the most comfortable brush to use in that area.

Wing Liner

Finally there is the Wing Liner brush. This brush is a little too flimsy to really be applying eye liner, but it works alright to apply some more detailed shadow here and there.

Because it’s always so hard to tell how big brushes are, I photographed each one besides my finger. Here you can also see how soft and fluffy those face brushes are.

The Conclusion

This set has everything I need for a full face of make up on the go, as long as I add in a powder brush, flat shader brush, crease brush and smudger brush. So that is what I’ve done. In this set, the face brushes stand out most: they are soft and fluffy and each brush is perfect for one area on your face. In the eye department it is definitely lacking a few essentials, but there is a good enough crease brush while the other brushes just didn’t wow me. In short, a good enough travel brush set that gets the job done. And that’s all I need when I’m out and about.

What brushes do you use when you travel?

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