Styling a denim jacket

If there is one spring/ summer wardrobe staple that I cannot live without it’s a good denim jacket. I love wearing it so much that I also got myself a darker version so I can change them up. But for now I’m sticking to my OG denim jacket and showing you how I like to wear this. Most of the time I just chuck this on, so not much styling going on, but I’d show you some of the pieces I like wearing this with most.

styling a denim jacket mango

Styling a denim jacket
Jacket | Mango

Sometimes, the best fashion finds happen when you least expect them. I bought this from Mango years ago. It was on sale, but I wasn’t looking for a denim jacket per se. I bought it and have worn it every year since. I remember wearing this on my trip to Dublin in 2010, so this jacket is going on at least 7 years strong. And that’s a lot of potential outfits to play with.

Pair it with a stripe

styling a denim jacket mango

Blue/ red/ white striped shirt| H&M
Black & white striped shirt| H&M

Stripes are always a good idea, but I love the clash of denim against a good stripe. A simple black and white stripe, with a darker denim, converse and a red lip makes for a great retro 50s outfit. I just love that rockabilly/ Marlon Brando/ James Dean vibe this gives. If you’re brave you can even put a bandana in your hair or wear it as a neck scarf as an accessory. Of course it should then match your lip color.

Wearing the jacket with a blue/ red/ white stripe is a touch more modern. I would wear this with a skirt and loafers, potentially a good heel. I like mixing girly items with more boyish once as I enjoy the clash in styles. That’s why I love pairing skirts with brogues and loafers. Since this outfit already has the jacket to toughen it up, a pair of heels might also make for a great outfit though.

Pair it with a plain tee

styling a denim jacket mango

Black & white t-shirts| Forever 21

Nothing says classic like a denim jacket and a plain white tee. While this may seem boring, this does give the jacket most of a pop. To keep things neutral, you can wear a pair of neutral grey or beige pants with this, or if you dare, you could go double denim and wear a similar colored pair of jeans to complement the jacket. With or without rips it would still make for a cool vibe. I would pair it with a fun colored shoe such as a leopard print or neon orange sneaker to keep the outfit from being too plain.

With the black t-shirt, the vibe is totally different. The darker color scheme makes this perfect for an otherwise all black outfit. Pair it with black trousers and a pair of strappy sandal heels to make for a chic outfit. Wear your hair up in a ponytail and throw on a bright pink lip for some added fun into this outfit.

Pair it with color & texture

styling a denim jacket mango

Coral top | ZARA
Grey ribbed t-shirt | Monki

Of course you can always pop a denim jacket over some color. One of my personal favorites is this coral top that I bought from ZARA years ago. It has a laser cut out, almost lace, detail and a contrasting green closure in the back. I like how the coral contrasts with the denim jacket and this is best worn with white or light grey denim.

Finally, a textured grey t-shirt makes for a great neutral. This makes for a perfect base and you can pretty much throw on whatever bottom you like and make a great outfit. Care for a printed pair of trousers? Go ahead. Colored jeans? Go ahead. A wacky printed skirt? Go ahead. Anything will go with this plain combo, but the textured rib of the shirt adds just enough interest to make it work.

How do you wear a denim jacket?

8 responses to “Styling a denim jacket”

    • I bought one from H&M last fall that I am loving even more than this one at the moment. But a good denim jacket could easily be thrifted too. Check out your local charity shop 😉

    • I love the embroidered trend, but not on a jacket like this. Too much of a classic for me, which means I’d rather keep it plain to keep it from going out of style too quickly.

  1. I am not ever brave enough to wear mine with matching denim jeans, too many times is it referred to as a Texas Tuxedo! But, I do wear mine with black jeans which seems accepted by some standard.

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