Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons eyeshadow palette

The Too Faced Chocolate Bar palettes are immensely popular. Many people claim the OG Chocolate Bar palette to be their all-time favorite and these palettes get raved about frequently on the interwebs. The third palette in the range, Chocolate Bon Bons, got lots of hype when it was first released, but now gets talked about a little bit less. But that doesn’t mean that the product might not be good. That’s why I decided to investigate.

Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons eyeshadow palette

My main reason for purchasing this palette is the color scheme. I am a cool toned neutral shadow kinda girl and there just aren’t that many cool toned palettes on the market. The most hyped about palettes are usually warm toned, which is stunning and absolutely beautiful, but for everyday wear to work, a cool toned palette is just much more sensible with my neutral toned fair complexion and dark eyes. This palette retails for €49 from Sephora and I bought mine in Italy.

The Packaging

When you buy the palette it comes in this cardboard box. You can see a shade description on the back which is handy if you need a reminder what this looks like and another thing Too Faced does well is that it lists ingredients as well. This also comes with a little booklet of instructions on how to create different looks.

The Palette

The palette itself I don’t like. And with that I don’t mean the shadows or the shade selection, but the layout, the heart shaped design of the pans and the absolute gaudy bright pink tin this comes in. It just looks and feels cheap to me and is just too reminiscent of makeup I had when I was a kid. I think this would get a lot more hype if the packaging wasn’t so hideous. It certainly had me think more than twice about owning this palette.

The Shades

The palette consists of 16 different shades. 6 are matte and the others all have a certain degree of sheen and shimmer to them. None are super glittery though. Since Too Faced always puts some super random shades in their Chocolate Bar palettes, this also comes with a few pinks that initially have you go: WTH am I supposed to do with that?!!

The left side of the palette consists of the lighter shades in the palette as well as your pops of color and one of  the darkest shades. There are some good blending and transition shades in this selection as well as some stunning lid and inner corner shadows.

Almond Truffle: matte medium mauve
Satin Sheets: shimmery soft beige
Cashew Chew: matte cool-toned light brown
Cotton Candy: satin finish bright pink
Café Au Lait: shimmery taupe
Dark Truffle: satin dark brown
Pecan Praline: matte taupe
Totally Fetch: satin blue toned fuchsia

Stand out shades in this side of the palette are Almond Truffle and Café Au Lait. Almond Truffle is the PERFECT blend shade and Café Au Lait is just stunning on the lid. Cotton Candy and Totally Fetch are the wild cards of the palette, but surprisingly functional as you will see in the looks below. Pecan Praline is the only disappointing shade in the entire palette.

The right side of the palette features two highlight shades and one pretty lid shade. The rest are good crease shades or can be used to darken up a look. I like how there is a good matte highlight shade in this palette and I love a good blue toned charcoal grey.

Sprinkles: satin rosy pink
Molasses chip: shimmery warm toned medium brown
Malted: matte with shimmer cool toned dark brown
Bordeaux: matte warm toned dark brown
Mocha: matte cool-toned medium brown
Black Currant: shimmery deep purple with sparkle
Earl Grey: satin deep grey with blue undertone
Divinity: matte flesh toned beige

Sprinkles was the surprise of the palette for me. I love this as an inner corner highlight. My favorite shades here are Earl Grey as that makes for a great smokey eye. But I also love Molasses Chip: it is a good light toned bronze brown that is just a great lid shade. Mocha is another great crease shade as is Bordeaux. Black Currant and Malted give the palette some added darkness and Divinity is that perfect matte brow bone highlight.

The Swatches

Almond Truffle – Satin Sheets – Sprinkles – Molasses Chip – Malted
Cashew Chew – Cotton Candy – Café Au Lait – Bordeaux – Mocha – Black Currant
Dark Truffle – Pecan Praline – Totally Fetch – Earl Grey – Divinity

As you can see the swatches are simply great. Divinity has a hard time showing up against my skin tone as it is pretty much identical. Pecan Praline is the only shade that barely shows up, but it still makes for a good blending shade.

The texture of these is buttery smooth and they blend well. With a primer these shadows stay put all day on me. I like the variety of finishes you get in here and I feel it is a well-rounded palette. If you are a big fan of matte black, then it may be a let down it’s not in here, but I personally hate black shadow: this palette has the perfect amount of darkness for my taste.

The Looks

Look 1:
Molasses Chip (lid)
Malted (crease)
Mocha (blend shade)
Divinity (brown bone)
Dark Truffle (lower lash line)
Satin Sheets (inner corner)

For this first look I played around with some of the warmer tones in the palette to show you that it is still possible to create a more warm-toned look. But as you can see, these shades aren’t overly warm. It makes for a pretty, soft neutral golden toned look that isn’t too overboard.

Look 2:
Café Au Lait (lid)
Almond Truffle (crease)
Pecan Praline (blend shade)
Sprinkles (inner corner)
Divinity (brow bone)
Earl Grey (Outer V + lower lashline)
Cashew Chew (lower lashline)

For look no. 2 I went more cool toned. I love how this look is neutral and wearable, yet still has some interest to it. I love how Early Grey can be used to intensify a look without going overboard and I just think this looks ‘gels’ very well. Sprinkles nicely lights up the inner corner and gives and instantly lifted and more awake effect.

Look 3:
Cotton Candy (lid)
Bordeaux (crease)
Totally Fetch (blend shade/ crease)
Divinity (brow bone)
Sprinkles (inner corner)
Black Currant (outer third lower lash line)
Pecan Praline (lower lash line)

Last but not least, I had to play around with those pinks. I wasn’t sure how to wear them but then decided on doing a soft cut crease. This creates a nice halo effect and the pink isn’t too intense this way. It takes a little bit more work to make it wearable, but it is definitely not impossible. And I always want to try and put in every shade in a palette like this and I think that worked.

The Conclusion

Apart from the packaging, I love this palette. It is versatile, gives you some room to play around without going overboard and is great for everyday neutral looks. Perhaps not the best palette for the makeup beginner as it may be intimidating for a first timer, but if you enjoy changing up your neutral looks from time to time, then this is a palette you will definitely enjoy. That, or if you’re just massively into cool toned neutrals like myself.

What do you think of the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons eyeshadow palette?

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