Catrice lip swatches

For this week’s video, I’ve decided to swatch out all of my Catrice lipsticks. I already did one on all of my MAC lipsticks, which I think you enjoyed. Lipswatch videos truly are a ‘thing’ on Youtube and I’ve watched many on different brands, but I haven’t seen many on Catrice just yet. So I took my 20 Catrice lipsticks and swatched them all out for you, both on my arm as well as on my lips.

Catrice lipswatch video

Catrice is one of my favorite brands when it comes to budget make up and I think their lipstick are of an outstanding quality most of the time. Some of the line renewals aren’t always as successful in my opinion, but their OG Ultimate Colour line is hard to beat. At a €3.99 – €4.99 price point, these lipsticks are super affordable and truly pack a punch. I only wished they did more mattes.

As with MAC, I own many different colors and textures by Catrice. From a straight up balm to shines and sheers, but I mostly own lipsticks from their Ultimate Colour line. Some shades may have been discontinued or were limited edition, but I’m sure you can find similar shades in the range. I own anything between a nude and a deep, vampy berry, which makes for a good variety of shades. Alright here it goes!

Products mentioned (in order of appearance):

What is your favorite Catrice lipstick?

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