Food haul

I’ve really been trying to be more diligent about my eating patterns again. After having dabbled in low carbing, and going completely wheat free, things improved greatly and I found that I could eat anything I want again without too much discomfort. But that did mean that I went a little overboard. So late last summer I decided I needed a complete overhaul. I started working our more again and I made a point of eating food I love, while cooking regular meals and having the occasional treat as well. That’s why I thought it would be good to show you what I roughly buy on a weekly basis when I get my groceries. I hope you enjoy!

A recent food shop

I typically get groceries once a week and simply plan my meals out from there. I keep the basics, such as rice, pasta and oats stocked on a regular basis and so I usually just buy the fresh ingredients I need to make salads and other meals. So in case you think there are some things lacking in here: yes they do, but again I keep a good storage of some dry staple foods just in case.

Staples to stock up on

I only buy staples once in a while. This time round I didn’t need any oats, pasta, rice, lentils, chick peas or other beans. All I needed were some rice cakes which I like to have as a quick lunch or snack. This is the only grain item I purchased this round. I also stocked up on coconut oil as I prefer to use that in baking over butter. Finally I bought some nutritional yeast so I could make some vegan Mac N Cheese later that week.


I love veggies. I don’t think a day goes buy that I don’t have them. I use them for snacking, making salads and of course as part of my regular meals. Yes, I even have veggies for breakfast as I drink a glass of beetroot juice every morning. I bought the mushrooms to go with the vegan Mac N Cheese I had planned to make. All other ingredients were to create a simple salad.


Fruit is another one of my favorite snacks. I am weening myself of bananas at the moment, as I wanted to change things up a bit. I now just keep them so I can use them as a sweetener when I’m baking. Another thing I always keep are frozen fruits. They make the best base for any smoothie and since the weather is turning nicer, smoothies are definitely back on my menu. I am not a huge fan of fruit juices, but I like the occasional glass of grapefruit juice.

Dairy & meat

Meat isn’t a huge part of my diet. I only have a bit every now and then. I love yoghurts, cheeses and eggs though. Eggs are a great breakfast food, but I also love them for lunch with some avocado. Yoghurt I use for my workday breakfasts to make overnight oats. Lastly, cheese I use spice up salads, spread on crisp breads or just straight up as it makes for a great post workout snack.

Nuts & cheats

Where I used to forego any sugary or salty snacks, I am currently on a regime that I’m allowed one of each per week. Mostly I get my groceries on Saturday morning so it’s nice to have a treat in the house for Saturday or Sunday. I mostly use nuts again as snacks, those cinnamon & chocolate covered almond are some of my faves. But the cashews in the back I used to create the vegan Mac N Cheese sauce.

What do you typically buy on a food run?

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