4x Catrice lip products: lip scrub, Aqua Ink in Gloss, Aqua Ink lip liner, Lip Dress Shine Stylo

Apart from lipsticks, Catrice also launched some other lip products in their spring/ summer 2017 line. I already reviewed the new ombre lipsticks and lip cushion lip glosses, but today we’re taking a closer look at 4 of the more inventive of the lip products Catrice launched. There is a lip scrub, two long lasting waterproof lip stains and a glossy pen like lipstick. These are my thoughts.

Catrice Prime and Fine lip scrub A lot of Apricot
Catrice Aqua Ink in Gloss lip stain 040 Let’s Mauve to the Beach
Catrice Aqua Ink Ultra Long-Lasting lip liner 050 Don’t Copy my Poppy
Catrice Lip Dresser Shine Stylo 050 I Carried a Watermelon

Like any Catrice product these are affordable products and available from local drugstores in many European countries and from Ulta in the USA. Supplies change depending on the destination though, so you may not be able to find these products in your local store. The lip scrub retails for €3.99. The Aqua Ink in Gloss for €3.59. The Aqua Ink lip liner sets you back €2.99, while the Lip Dresser Shine Stylo costs €4.99.

Catrice Prime and Fine lip scrub

A lot of Apricot

Let’s start off with the lip scrub. Lip scrubs in a twist up tube are becoming all the range. After ELF successfully launched theirs, other brands have started to copy them. This scrub promises to combine a lip balm with a scrub. It should nourish your lips as well. I can attest to those claims. The smell is a bit sickly sweet for me, but that is the only downside.

It also took a few swipes before I actually got to the scrub part of this product. It’s like the top layer was mostly balm, but once that wears down, you get to the scrub. The texture is rather thick and leaves a not so appeasing layer of product on your lips. However I have found that this therefore works as a two in one. I like to apply this when I start my make up routine and let it sit, like I would with any regular balm. Then, when I’m ready to apply lipstick. I rub in the product with my finger and use a tissue to remove excess product. The result: smooth lips void of any flakes of skin while still feeling smooth and hydrated.

Catrice Aqua Ink in Gloss lip stain

Let’s Mauve to the Beach

You know I’m a sucker for a mauve lip, which is why this product intrigued me. It is supposed to be a water-based lip gloss that should leave a semi-permanent stain and is available in 4 shades. This was the one I liked best for obvious reasons, but I didn’t like much how this applied.

As you can see there is quite a bit of product on the applicator and that caused an uneven application. It also went on weird to begin with, which is a problem I have had with many other lip stains in the past. I’m not sure what it is with me and lip stains, but they hardly ever work for me. Either they only stain one of my lips, or they leave a strange ring around my lips. This one does the latter as you can see in the lip swatch below.

Catrice Aqua Ink Lip Liner

050 Don’t Copy my Poppy

After trying that first lip stain, I wasn’t too hopeful about this one. However, this is the surprise product of this review. This is not a lip liner, despite its name. It is a long-lasting water-based lip staining product that is semi-permanent that just won’t budge. And that’s also what Catrice promises this product to be.

The applicator on this one seems strange at first, but I found I was able to create a very precise line with this, while also making it easy to color in all of my lip. On the swatch this feathered quite a bit, but on my lips that didn’t happen. The color was easy to build up and wasn’t patchy. It turned out a lot more intense than I had hoped and as this wore off during the day, it simply faded to a lighter color. Fun fact: it took an oil based remover to take this off and I could still see some product that has settled in my fine lines. It truly took a scrubbing session to take it all of. Talking about long-lasting indeed!

Catrice Lip Dresser Shine Stylo

050 I Carried a Watermelon

This product isn’t so innovative in itself, but its packaging is. Shaped like a pen, all it takes is a click from the button on the bottom to push up the product. You can’t twist it back down though, so be careful not to click too many times. This product is supposed to give a medium opaqueness and a shiny finish.

And this does what it says on the tin. It is a little bit sheer, but not overly so. I also really love this shade. There are only 6, so there isn’t a whole lot to choose from, but I like this bright watermelon red. Reminds me of one of my favorite Revlon lip butters, which has a very similar shade. The texture of this is comfortable to wear and it does wear down, but for such a creamy product it does leave a bit of a stain behind.

The Swatches

Aqua Ink in Gloss Lip Stain – Aqua Ink Lip Liner – Lip Dresser Shine Stylo

I didn’t swatch the scrub as that was pretty much invisible on the back of my hand. For good measure I added a picture of some fresh swatches, as well as after wiping them away. The result: a good stain from both the Aqua Ink products. This was after I used a make up wipe to try and get these off.

These swatches also show clearly the texture of these products. The gloss is a little bit thick and doesn’t spread very easily. The Lip Dresser Shine Stylo on the other hand glides on like a dream. The Aqua Ink liner swatch shows you closely how the color fades into a lighter color as it wears down.

On the Lips

Aqua Ink in Gloss Lip Stain 040 Let’s Mauve to the Beach

I like this color when it’s on the center of my lip. However, I don’t like how it leaves some sort of weird ring around my mouth. It’s almost as if it pulls a completely different shade on the outer edge of my lips and I like this better after it wears down a bit. The color looks less shiny and gives more of a my lips but better kind of look. But this isn’t a product I will reach for often: it is too fussy to apply.

Aqua Ink Lip Liner 050 Don’t Copy my Poppy

What makes you think is a bright red lip stain, is in fact an intense poppy red. I was surprised at how easy this was to use and how the color build up into this deep red shade. As it wore down it looked fine too and I had to use a hardcore make up remover to get this off. A perfect lip product if you want to wear a lip color to the beach as it is 100% waterproof. It does dry out your lips though, but since hardly anything breaks this up, applying balm on top is no biggy.

Catrice Lip Dresser Shine Stylo 050 I Carried a Watermelon

Shade wise this pulls a bit more pinky than red, but I like how fresh and bright this looks. For once, I like the shiny finish this has as it’s not too much. It’s almost as if you used actual watermelon to stain your lips. I think this is a perfect spring/ summer shade as it is one of those lipsticks that can add that bright pop of color without it being too much.

The Conclusion

If I had to pick one item that I say: go get it, it’s the Aqua Ink Lip Liner. But only if you’re looking for an insanely long-lasting lip product. If you are looking for something that is easier to wear to work or on the daily, than the Lip Dresser Shine Stylo is my recommendation. The lip scrub is nice, but nothing out of this world and I would pass up on the Aqua Ink in Gloss as it is not my favorite formula.

Which of these products would you like to get?

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