Becca Champagne Splits | Champagne Pop & Flower Child

I was looking to try more Becca products. After trying their Shimmering Skin Perfector in Pearl, I was intrigued enough to finally bite the bullet and try some more. However, buying the full sized version seemed a bit much. These highlighters are intense and I have plenty of make up so I knew I wouldn’t use it up. That’s why, when Becca launched their Champagne Splits collection for the same price as a full sized product, I bought some. Today I’m reviewing Champagne Pop highlighter and Flower Child blush.

Becca Champagne Splits Shimmering Skin Perfector Mineral Blush Duo
Champagne Pop | Flowerchild

The main reason why I decided to buy this over the full sized is the price point. At $38 a piece, Becca products do not come cheap. If you were to buy the individual pans, the highlighter would cost $38 and the blush $32. Champagne Splits cost $38: that’s still expensive, but at least you get 2-in-1, plus I have never used up a blush or a highlighter, so I’m not too fussed about the amount of product that’s in here. Unfortunately, the Champagne Splits are no longer available, but you can still buy these individually from Sephora.

The Packaging

As many Becca products, this comes in a futuristic disk looking type compact. I’m not a huge fan of it, but it feels heavy and sturdy and I like the mixed metal look of this. There is a mirror in the lid and there is an overlay to keep the product protected. Each product comes in its own box when you buy it.

The Product

Champagne Splits comes with a blush and a highlight. My first choice went to some cult favorites: Champagne Pop and Flowerchild. Champagne Pop is described a soft white gold with pinky peach undertones. Flowerchild is described as a peachy pink with golden highlights.

I never bought Champagne Pop when it first launched. Even though I was in the States the summer it came out, I thought it too intense and possibly too dark for my skin tone. But after trying and loving Pearl, I knew I had to try this too. Flowerchild is an added bonus.

Becca highlighters are know for their intensity and to show you just how intense the reflect is, I took a picture with flash. That is some serious glow, plus it also show that this highlighter isn’t as dark as it seems. Flowerchild is like NARS Orgasm but without the very noticeable golden sparkle, while it does have a golden sheen to it. The combination of the two is simply perfect as the two shades blend together flawlessly and make for a great cheek look.

The Swatches

Flowerchild | Champagne Pop

The swatches show you just how good this product really is. The highlighter looks like liquid, but nope this is truly a powder highlight. The blush is bright and not powdery at all. Both products blend like a dream and a little goes a long way. You need a very small amount and a very light hand for these to show up. I like applying the blush with my Zoeva Sheer Luxe blush brush and the highlighter with my Zoeva Luxe Highlight brush.

The Application

Just bronzer
Champagne Pop

The application of these products is a dream. You can tell you get your money’s worth once you start putting this on your face. These don’t fade on my throughout the day as well. I always apply my blush AFTER my highlight. I find this makes a cheek look come together much more flawlessly and it’s a good way to correct your highlight if you’ve piled on a little too much glow.

The highlighter is intense, but nothing too crazy if you don’t apply too much. Where I thought it might be too dark, I find it blends flawlessly into my very pale complexion and still gives that lit from within look. There isn’t too much color transfer it seems: just glow. The blush gives a nice and fresh look. The color combo isn’t one I will reach for year round: I prefer these type of shades in the spring/ summer time. In winter I like reaching for more muted blushes and cooler toned highlighters.

The Conclusion

Becca Champagne Splits are a great product to try out some more of Becca’s line. Would these be worth the full priced single pan? I think they are, but if you already have a bunch of blushes than Flowerchild may not be very unique shade wise. So you may want to skip that. Champagne Pop is definitely more special as it seems to be very universally flattering on many different skin tones. Is it worth the hype though? I think you can find other stunning highlighters for a much more gentle price point.

What is your favorite highlighter?

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