OPI I Can Never Hut Up

The days where I would be tempted to buy a full range of a limited edition OPI nail polish collection are long gone. However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t still love the brand. I simply own a lot of nail polish (in fact, it is in a desperate need of a declutter) which means not that many shades of nail polish excite me anymore. So when I first spotted the spring 2017 nail polish collection I wasn’t too hyped for it. Until I saw ‘I Can Never Hut Up’ in real life and knew that this would be a great addition to the collection.

OPI I Can Never Hut Up (Fuji Limited Edition)

OPI is hands down my favorite nail polish brand. While not the most exciting nail polish brand on the planet, I think OPI has a great color selection and to me the brush and the formula work best. I find Essie great too, but their shades can feel a bit samey (how many versions of a pale pink can you have?). One thing I like about OPI is that they do some unexpected shades, or shades with a twist from time to time. I Can Never Hut Up definitely falls into that category. At nearly €15 a piece, OPI is expensive though.

The Bottle

One reason why I love OPI is the bottle. I like the size as you get a good amount of product and I love the shape of the bottle too. The cap is easy to grab a hold of and the round shape allows your to easily roll rather than shake up your polish. The latter can lead to bubbles in the polish and cause a less even application.

The Brush

But my favorite part of an OPI polish has to be a brush. I know some people love wide brushes that apply the polish onto the nail in one go. Not me. I have very tiny nail beds and most polishes are just too messy for me because of their large brushes. This is why I prefer OPI: it has a thin long brush that allows for a precise application.

The Shade

I Can Never Hut Up appears to be a plain grey at first sight. I own one other grey OPI shade, which is the limited edition Fifty Shades of Grey shade Cement the Deal. The tone of these polishes is very similar: a medium grey. However, where Cement the Deal is a straight up cream, I Can Never Hut Up has a shift to it. This affects the undertone of the polishes. Cement the Deal is more blue toned, whereas I Can Never Hut Up pulls more green.

The Swatch

The shift in I Can Never Hut Up was so difficult to photograph. The main reason for this is because it mostly shows up in direct sunlight. Only when the light hits it just right will it pop up. This makes the polish perfect for spring & summer as that’s of course when you have the most sunshine poking through. It also give the polish is slightly mysterious quality which I like.

The Look

On the nail the effect was difficult to detect at times, which is why I waited till I had sunlight to show you the full effect. On a cloudy day, this polish looks like a regular medium grey, but when the light hits it tiny shimmer particles cause a stunning sheen that makes this nail polish come to life. This polish lasted a good 5 days before it started to chip. On my brittle nails, that is quite the performance!

What do you think of OPI’s I Can Never Hut Up?

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