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You may have already seen this Eye & Face palette by Essence on the the blog. It already featured in the first impression video I did on the new spring/ summer 2017 collection. But since that was the first time I was using it, I thought it would be good to revisit and write a full review as well.

Essence Eye & Face Palette 02 Rise & Shine

At a price point of a mere €3.99, this palette doesn’t break the bank. It comes in two different varieties: a cool toned one and this warm toned peachy number. My experience with Essence palettes isn’t the best, but I am still a sucker for finding those drugstore gems, and that’s why I was still curious about this. Is this the drugstore gem of 2017?

The Packaging

As with most Essence products, the packaging is cheap and really nothing to write home about. The shadows, blush and highlighter comes in a simple clear plastic container. There is no mirror, which may be a let down for some people. However, I love how Essence fills up the space with product and doesn’t give you one of those incredibly useless brushes. In total, this palette contains 8 grams of product.

The Eyeshadow

My problem with Essence palettes is mostly with their eyeshadows. That’s what I’ve tried the most of and since Essence can be hit or miss, they are usually a miss for me. A particular let down were the All About… palettes for me and the layout, shape and style of shadow in this palette is very similar to those. Where those had overspray though, that doesn’t seem to be the case here.

The palette contains 4 eye shadows. The look this gives is quite natural. As most Essence and affordable eyeshadows, these have a tendency to blend away a little too easily. The shades can be built up quite easily though and I love the color selection. There is a satin finish cream highlight for the brow bone, a light matte taupe for the crease, a shimmery coral for the lid and a satin finish dark brown to add some depth.

The Highlight & Blush

The highlighter and blush surprised me most. The highlighter has a pretty peachy undertone and the blush is a very wearable peach as well. This blush is very similar to Milani’s Luminoso. So if you have difficulty getting a hold of that, but you can get your hands on Essence, than this is a good dupe.

Texture wise these are smooth and easy to apply. The highlighter packs a mean punch and the blush gives a pretty peachy look that I like to wear in the spring and summer time. Together with the shadows, these products create a nicely coordinated look that isn’t too matchy matchy.

The Swatches

As you can see these products are very nicely pigmented. The only shade that seems to be a bit meh is the matte brown transition shade, but I think that is a good thing for what you would normally use this type of shade for. This just works very well and it also lasts quite well if you use a primer underneath the shadow. Fading blush and highlight is never a real problem for me, but you may want to be aware that the highlight is quite shimmery. You can’t see it from a distance, but from up close the particles are clearly visible. If your face easily breaks up product that could be an issue.

On the face

Just bronzer

I think this could possibly be one of the most intense highlighters in the drugstore. It has a peachy undertone in the swatch, but on my cheeks it does pull quite icy. Almost as if the color pigment in the highlighter is wiped away and all that remains is the shine. On my fair skin this works well, but if you are much deeper, this may not be a great look.

The blush adds a decent amount of color to the cheek, yet it looks very natural. It was a bit powdery which made it easy to over apply. Just make sure you tap off your brush very well and there should be no issue. Again for light skin tones this is a stunning blush, but if you are very deep this may not work.

On the eyes

A quick and easy make up look I created with these shadows. It’s a shame that the shimmer of the coral shade doesn’t really translate well to the eye. But you can still see a decent amount of color. This may be one of those shades that works best if you apply it with a wet brush and some Fix+. I like the highlight the satin white shade gives in the inner corner and overall this is a nicely sculpted look. Basic, but okay.

The Conclusion

The Essence Eye & Face palette has a few ifs and buts, but this is a palette that works well. At a €3.99 price point it really does not break the bank and that is why I feel very favorably towards it. Not a product that I will use regularly, but a pretty palette to travel with or to chuck in a bag for a quick touch up.

What is your go to travel make up palette?

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