Best metallic nail polish

Metallic EVERYTHING is still the rage, but I can imagine that wearing a full metallic skirt or a pair of shoes may be a bridge to far for most people. If you like a trend, but don’t feel brave enough to go all out, I always find that the best way to incorporate it into your style is through accessorizing. What better way to sport the metallic trend than to put it on your nails?

Best metallic nail polish

If you like your nail polish than you’ll know that metallic nail polish is incredibly hard to get right. Nine out of ten times, it ends up being a streaky mess rather than a stunning metallic mirrored looking surface. Textures can make the polish gloopy and difficult to apply, but after a dive into may nail polish collection, I came up with these metallic polishes that perform well.

Sephora Rock

This nearly ancient Sephora polish makes for a great silvery metallic looking nail. It is not 100% streak proof, but as I said that is incredibly hard with these kinds of polishes. I like this because it has a very icy sheen to it, which makes it look extra metallic.

Catrice Metallure LE Metalight

Metalight is a gorgeous rose gold and it is such a shame that this was limited edition. Again, not 100% streak proof, but a gorgeous shade nonetheless. It has good lasting power too, which is another downside to most metallic looking polishes: they can chip very easily. This hardly does that.

Barry M Molten Metal Copper Mine

A more recent purchase, yet sadly also limited edition, this Barry M Nail Paint is a great one. It has more shimmer running through it and it is a tad sheer, but with 3 thin coats this polish makes for a great copper nail. It has a lot of red to it, which makes it very flattering against my skin tone.

Revlon Perfumerie Autumn Spice

Apart from being scented, Autumn Spice also boasts a stunning metallic sheen. It is definitely a more subtle way to wearing the metallic trend, but this is definitely a very unique polish. A deep chocolate brown with red, gold and a hint of green, this is one of those polishes that has you staring at your nails all day long.

Essie Apres-Chic

Part of a winter collection, this Essie polish is a good option if you prefer some shimmer mixed in with your metallics. It is very silvery and like the Sephora polish is has a very white, icy base to make this pop even more. This is definitely brighter than the Sephora polish too, making it unique in my make up collection.

OPI Comet Closer (LE)

Only now that I’m putting together this blog post do I realize that all of these shades were either limited edition or discontinued and therefore incredibly hard to get. Apologies for that in advance! OPI’s Comet Closer is another more subtle number. It is a silver like the other two I already showed, but this has more muted tone to it, yet still shines like a recently polished mirror.

What metallic nail polish do you recommend?

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