5 staple make up products

You know those make up products that just never let you down? You know the ones! The ones that you feel you cannot go without. Those that you need to have a back up of, even if you are currently not using it? To me, a product like that means it’s a staple make up product that I love. These are some true and tested product that have stood the test of time.

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5 staple make up products

Urban Decay Naked 3 – What do I do when I’m stuck in a rut and don’t know what to wear? Reach for my UD Naked 3! This is my go to eyeshadow palette for any occasion. Be it work, be it a part: this palette simply does it all for me. It is easy to use and create more natural looks, but you can also darken things up and create a great smoky eye. Naked 3 seems to be a bit hit or miss for some people, but the main reason why I love it is the fact that it goes with my skin tone so well.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance – I use eyeshadow primer on a daily basis. No matter what, my lids need a primer to keep everything in place. My lids are quite oily and since I need my make up to last for at least up to 12 hrs a day, a primer is simply a must. I have tried many till this day and I have liked plenty that I have tried. However, none can compare to my first eyeshadow primer love: the Too Faced Shadow Insurance. Some people hate the oily residue that sometimes get squeezed out of the tube before the product, but to me it’s the only primer that truly makes my eyeshadow stay in place.

Benefit Coralista – Benefit’s boxed powders are a cult classic and I swore by them for years. I still have my OG Georgia Peach powder that has since long been discontinued in a special part of my make up collection. So many memories. The next real Benefit boxed powder I bought though was Coralista. This is my favorite spring and summer time blush and it’s the only blush in my collection I think I may be hitting pan on soon. There are many brands that do similar shades, but those are always a little bit more gold or a little bit more pink. To me, Benefit Coralista is the best coral blush shade on the market.

MAC Brave lipstick – This falls in the same category as Urban Decay Naked 3. If I don’t know what lipstick to wear, I simply bust out Brave and all is well. It is a very flattering pinky nude that never overpowers a look, but also never gives me the dreaded ‘look of death’. A satin finish it was the first lipstick from this line that I bought and I fell in love. It simply made me want to get more as the finish is a perfect blend between a matte and a cream. It isn’t overly shiny, yet has the lasting powder of a matte lipstick. What’s not to love?

LA Girl Proconceal concealer – The only drugstore product that befalls the honor of being a staple in my make up collection is also the newest product on this list. I bought this last year, started using it and pretty much haven’t looked back since. I wear this all day every day. And the shade I wear, light ivory, is perfect on the under eye area as well as on the face. So this is great for those days where foundation is a bit too much, but I do want to cover some things up.

What are your staple make up products?

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    • I love using it exactly for just that: a quick and easy daily make up look. It’s the palette I reach for when I don’t know what to wear.

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