Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick: Lolita, Bauhaus & Nosferatu

This isn’t my first review of the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks. In fact, I already did two before (here and here) and it is one of my favorite liquid lipstick formulas. So that this will be a raving review should come as no surprise. It is exactly because I like these so much that I decided to add three more shades to my collection. And I love them all.

 photo katvondliquid3lip1_zpsvjq4q5uq.jpgKat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick
Lolita, Bauhaus, Nosferatu

Kat Von D was only available at Sephora for a long time, but slowly but surely the brand is now also available in other stores and with that in other territories. This means that it is becoming easier and easier to get your hands on these. At $20 a piece, I still bought mine online from the US Sephora website. And I think these may be my favorite colors so far.

The Packaging

 photo katvondliquid3lip3_zpsmvshggns.jpgEach lipstick comes in an individual box and each box has a sticker on it which gives a rough indication of the color inside. I absolutely love the design of these boxes already.

 photo katvondliquid3lip2_zpsge8ltrxg.jpgThe tubes are very long and narrow which makes these super easy to store. The colors are clearly visible through the tube so you are never in search of the lipstick you need. As with the boxes, the elaborate floral design is continued on to the tube itself.

The Shades

 photo katvondliquid3lip4_zpstgsal9w6.jpgLolita | Bauhaus | Nosferatu

This time round I went with a nude, a fun shade and a red. I already owned a nude and a red by the brand, but those are very different from this one. Lovesick is a lot more mauve than Lolita and Vampira is much deeper than Nosferatu. Lolita is a great brown toned neutral with a pink undertone. Bauhaus is a fun purple toned fuchsia and reminds me a lot of MAC’s Flat Out Fabulous, obviously in liquid lipstick form. Nosferatu is a true crimson red.

The Swatches

 photo katvondliquid3lip5_zpsq4b7bxxx.jpgLolita | Bauhaus | Nosferatu

One thing I love about the Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick is the formula. It is thin while not runny and that is why it dries quickly. I find it is easy to apply and even layer with most of the shades I own, but if need be this can be build up with another layer on top. This doesn’t settle into fine lines, but isn’t entirely smudge and transfer proof. It stays on for roughly 4 – 5 hours, but it differs per shade.


 photo katvondliquid3lip6_zpsatvmzfu3.jpgI was surprised at how flattering this cult favorite is. It is a very brown toned pink which works well against my pale skin tone. I think I still like Lovesick a little bit more. I also own Double Dare, which I also love, but that has a more brick red undertone. Still, I do think I’m now set for nude lipsticks.


 photo katvondliquid3lip7_zpsvwfygbk0.jpgQuite possibly my favorite shade here is Bauhaus. I was surprised at how flattering this was too. It applied so smoothly and evenly and feels very weightless on the lips. Which for a bright shade like this is no ill feat. It also isn’t super duper matte, which I think adds to the appeal of this lipstick. Definitely something different than usual.


 photo katvondliquid3lip8_zpsxeowjm6q.jpgWhen I tried Vampira I was quite disappointed at how that applied. It was uneven, patchy and left a hideous ring around my mouth. Nothing you can’t solve with another layer and some lip liner but still. This is why I wanted to try another red. I opted for Nosferatu: a true crimson that I think looks very flattering on apart from the shoddy application. I just can’t do red lipstick if it’s a liquid one it seems!

The Conclusion

I absolutely adore the Kat von D liquid lipsticks. Overall, they are easy to apply and pretty precise. They are matte, but not in an uncomfortable way. They last a fair amount of time on the lips and the shade range is incredible. I have not yet dared dabbling in the more outspoken shades this line has to offer, but if I decide to buy some more, I think I may just throw in that neon turquoise for good measure.

What do you think of the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks?

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