5 lipsticks under 5

If there is one make up product out there that doesn’t break the bank it’s lipstick. There are plenty of good affordable lipsticks on the market and today I thought I’d show you 5 lipsticks that retail for under €5. I tried to mix up the offerings and include brands that you are pretty universally available. Still, some of these may be easier to get your hands on than others.

 photo 5lipstickunder5-1_zpsufff9fal.jpg5 lipsticks under €5

Catrice Ultimate Colour lipsticks – Catrice Ultimate Colour lipsticks retail for €3.99 each and are such a bargain for what they do. I swatched out all of the Catrice lipsticks I own in this video, in case you need some convincing. These are all very smooth and creamy. Some of them are matte, but most have a slightly satin like gloss to them. The staying power is decent (4 – 5 hours) and they come in an array of shades.

Essence Lights of Orient lipstick – I have a love/ hate relationship with Essence lipsticks. While super affordable (around the €2.50 mark), they never really were my favorite. Until I bought this that is! I reviewed it here and have since decided to buy some of the Essence Matt lipsticks to try out some more. I love how neutral this is and it is a very flattering shade on.

ELF Matte Lip Color – These matte lipstick pencils by ELF are raved about and for a good reason. I bought three colors last year and have been trying them on and off. At first I couldn’t decide whether I like these or not, but after giving them a bit of time they have definitely grown on me. I love the shade Tea Rose the best and I love taking these along for travel as they are so easy to just chuck in your bag and only €5 a piece. I tried out a different shade in this video.

HEMA Soft Matt Lip Balm – Is it a balm? Is it a lipstick? No, it’s the Soft Matt Lip Balm. This HEMA product is a Dutch beauty community favorite. So this may not be widely available, but if you find yourself in a HEMA store (they have one in London now too!), you should definitely check them out. At €3.50 per lipstick, these are super affordable. The colors are fun and these are so easy to apply. One of my favorite lipsticks for the summer time. I wrote a review here.

LA Girl Glazed Lip Paint – The reason I’m featuring this lipstick is not because I like it per se. In fact, I felt quite lukewarm towards this in my review. However, I had to feature this as I simply love the shade. It’s a stunning rose shade with a purple undertone that is super flattering on. I just wish the packaging worked a lot better. They only cost €4.49 though!

 photo 5lipstickunder5-2_zpshptrljso.jpgCatrice | Essence | LA Girl | HEMA | ELF

For good measure I swatched out the lipsticks in the picture. The Catrice lipstick is in Peony. The Essence one only came in one shade. LA Girl is in Blushing. HEMA Soft Matt Lip Balm is in 07 and finally ELF is in Tea Rose. As you can see each shade is absolutely gorgeous and they are great options to try if you’re on a budget.

What budget proof lipstick would you recommend?

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