Nabla Shade & Glow highlighter

The highlighter craze is far from over and I am still game when it comes to trying new ones. Recently, I discovered a new brand at a local makeup shop called Nabla. This Italian brand not only sells customizable palettes, but also some stunning products such as eyeshadows, liquid lipsticks and of course highlighters. I tried their Shade & Glow highlighter in Angel.

Nabla Shade & Glow highlighter Angel

Depending on how and where you buy this product, prices may vary. Because the brand revolves around customizable palettes, you can either buy this highlighter as a single pan, or prepackaged in a compact. I opted for the prepackaged version, because I loved the packaging, but because I also know I would get so much more use out of this if I could keep it with the rest of my highlighters. The single pan retails for €10.90. The compact version for €13.90.

The Packaging

The compacts of this brand’s face products are to die for. This is in fact a metal case with a burnt copper look to it. For only €3 extra, I think that is a good deal. The highlighter isn’t super big and that makes the compact quite small and travel friendly. That does mean you don’t get a whole lot of product: just 3.5 grams. Most highlighters gives you 8 – 9 grams of product.

The Product

Not only the packaging is stunning. So is the product. The reason why I wanted this highlight? Because it is a duochrome. This made this product incredibly hard to photograph, but you will have to believe me when I say this product has a pinky shift to it. The compact comes with a decent sized mirror too, which is a nice bonus.

The Shade

What makes this product so difficult to capture is because it looks like absolutely nothing in the pan. You can only see the slightest hint of sheen. It’s when you apply this beauty when it comes to life. The base of this is a deeper champagne, which is more warm toned, but then when this product hits the light just right, a pink flash appears that makes this highlight a lot less warm.

The Swatch

This was the best I could do! You can clearly see the champagne golden undertone, but you can also see that hint of cool toned pink shining through. This isn’t necessarily the smoothest of highlights when you first feel it. So your brush needs some swirling in order to get a decent amount of product on it. What’s great about that, is that it is difficult to overapply this and make yourself look like a glitter bomb.

The Application

Because it is not as if this product doesn’t pack a punch! Quite the contrary. If you want you can build this up into oblivion and transform your face into highlight heaven. On my cheek you can clearly see that this product has a shift to too that is more cool toned. Once applied, this product looks a lot less warm toned. It does emphasize texture quite a bit, but I think that is a small price to pay, and I have a lot of texture on my cheek bone area to begin with.

The Conclusion

I absolutely love this highlighter! It is certainly a unique item in my make up collection and very flattering on. The Nabla Shade & Glow highlight in Angels gives just the amount of highlight I like in my make up looks and it’s not easily overdone. Yes, this is a keeper!

Have you tried duochrome highlighters before?

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