The Body Shop favorites

The Body Shop is my ultimate bodycare brand and I have tried and used many of their products and continue to do so. Needless to say, I have a few favorite scents and products from the different lines that I am currently loving. This is them!

 The Body Shop favorites

The reason why I love TBS so much is their scents in the first place. Lush can often be too overpowering and my experiences with cheaper drugstore brands aren’t always great. I have quite sensitive skin, which means that many products end up irritating it. I’ve never had any problems with The Body Shop products and know I can grab for them and have no issues.

Piñita Colada Shower Gel

Piñita Colada is this year’s summer line, like last year’s. I absolutely adore the scent of this! It is so fruit and summery, but not in a bad way. The scent isn’t too overpowering and I find it really refreshing. It reminds me a bit of the lemon scent TBS used to do. I loved using that in the morning as a bright awakening pick me up. That’s what this is too.

Blueberry body butter

When you say The Body Shop, I say body butter. I love how each scent has a different texture and the blueberry one is my favorite. It is quite thick and creamy, but not overly so. Some body butters have a thinner consistency, especially the fruity ones, which is something I don’t love. I am currently using this scent as my hand and foot cream and love it when I fall asleep.

Frosted Plum body butter

A scent to cherish: this Christmas limited edition from 2015 is one you can  no longer get, but which smells absolutely gorgeous. Like with the blueberry scent, I like the consistency of this body butter over others. The scent is sweet and fruity, but also pleasant. Some of the TBS fruity scents can be quite sickly (*cough* strawberry *cough*) but I like this combo as it has that hint of freshness to it.

Vineyard Peach shower gel

Could this be my ultimate favorite? I think it might be. Vineyard Peach is a line I love more than anything. I still have several backups of these. This, to me, is summer in a shower gel. It has the GOOD peach smell and not the chemically sweet Haribo peach smell of the Too Faced peach products. No, this smells exactly like you would if you were to stand in a peach orchard. So so yummy!

Cocoa Butter scrub

I am not much of a scrub girl, but this one? Oh my, this one I love. Where I like my body butters to not be too thick, I prefer my scrubs to be rich and creamy. Mainly because of that sensitive skin issue. I just can’t deal with super intense scrubs. While most of the The Body Shop scrubs are jelly like, this one is creamy. As if a body butter were infused with scrubby granules. So nice and I like the smell of this too.

Which The Body Shop products are your favorite?

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