Bands @ Best Kept Secret I hope to see

Tomorrow will see the beginning of Best Kept Secret festival. And I’m going! It will be my second time and I’m fully prepared. I have a tent, a matte and a sleeping bag, so I’m all set for 3 days of sun, fun and music. Because music is the reason I’m going. Here are my top 10 bands I hope to see at Best Kept Secret

Flashback to Best Kept Secret 2015!!

Friday 16 June 2017: Agnes Obel, Real Estate, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

The Friday is the fullest day for me. There are quite a few bands playing simultaneously that I would like to see. Agnes Obel played a show in Utrecht a few weeks ago and a friend of mine went to see her and loved it, so I’m hoping this will be good. I know a few of her songs and they sound really nice. Real Estate clashes with Hundred Waters, I am hoping to catch a bit of both. King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard’s single Trapdoor was on repeat for weeks here, so needless to say I hope to see them play that live.

Saturday 17 June 2017: Whitney, Cloud Nothings, The Boxer Rebellion, Arcade Fire

The best day for me will probably be Saturday. That is the day where most bands play I want to see quite badly. Some I’ve seen before, some I’ve never seen live. I hope to be awake early enough to catch Wildes, which is an artist I’ve heard of but don’t know well. Well, the festival is called Best Kept Secret for a reason!

Whitney is a great folk-type band that I have listened to quite a bit. The same goes for Cloud Nothings, but they are more rock. Played both albums for some time last year and am looking forward to seeing them live. The Boxer Rebellion is great live. I saw them a few years ago and they are growing steadily. It will be good to see how they are now.

Later that night Her will play a set which is something I added to my list quite at the last minute. I came across a few tracks on some of my more recent indie music scavenger hunts and was intrigued enough to want to see this live. The big headliner on Saturday is Arcade Fire. If there is one band still on the bands-to-see-live wishlist it is this one!

 Sunday 18 June 2017: Aurora, Kaleo, James Blake, Radiohead

Sunday will be an easy day. There aren’t many bands I truly wish to see, which means there is room to simply discover some bands on a whim. There are four I wish to see. Two bands I only know one or two songs by. James Blake I’ve attempted to see twice, but both time the sound was so overwhelming I couldn’t really hear the music. Hoping third time is a charm? And Radiohead: this will be my third time and I just know it will be good.

What band or artist would you like to see live?

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