Best coral nail polish

Finding the right coral colored nail polish can be a feat. It is such a difficult color to get right. I find that corals are often too red, too pink or too orange for my taste and skin tone. As coral is a great color for the summer time, I am sharing with 5 of my all time favorite coral nail polishes with you today.

Best coral nail polish

Catrice Luxury Lacquers Tropi Coral

Catrice makes some of my favorite nail polish and while this was a limited edition you can no longer buy, I can’t help but share this as one of my favorite coral polishes. This is one of those textured polishes which makes this extra flattering on. I love how there is a subtle metallic sheen to this polish which gives it some extra dimension. Probably not everyone’s cup of tea, but a great way to add some summer time sparkle.

China Glaze Surreal Appeal

China Glaze Surreal Appeal was the first coral polish I bought that I truly liked. This may seem pretty pink at first glance, but if you put it next to pinks you will find it is definitely a coral. It is a nice bright, creamy shade that is not too vivid. It adds a pop of color to any look and I really like the formula on this. China Glaze is a tad hard to get here though, but it is a very affordable option too.

Essie Cute as a Button

A classic Essie shade, Cute as a Button is another great coral shade. In fact it is pretty much identical to the China Glaze polish. While the China Glaze one might be harder to get, Cute as a Button is part of Essie’s regular line, which means it’s far easier to find. It is more expensive than China Glaze though: an Essie polish is almost twice the price. The formula on this is a bit thinner I find and this pulls a hint more pink.

P2 Last Forever I Got You Babe

This German brand is a great brand for trying nail polish if you can get your hands on it. I simply bought this on a whim when shopping at a German drugstore once, because I wanted to try this. It turned out to be a great polish. It is much brighter than any of the other options I’ve shown so far. It is vivid, but not quite neon. It has a lot of red to it as well, which makes this a much more out there shade.

OPI Aloha from OPI

It is no secret that OPI make my favorite nail polish formula. So when they released a stunning bright coral as part of their Hawaii collection I had to have it. This is slightly more muted than the P2 option, but it is still quite bright and bold. It also has that red undertone and to me those are the best corals. It stands out really nicely and for the summer time this is one of my favorite polishes to wear.

What coral nail polish is your favorite?

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