Music of the Moment (June 2017)

Last Thursday of the month, so time to share some music again. This month is a true hodgepodge of favorites. I went to a festival and thus heard loads of new music, bought some new albums as some of my favorite releases of the year happened and found a few loose tracks to fill in the blanks. Here’s what I’ve been listening to this month.

London Grammar – Truth is a Beautiful Thing

I loved London Grammar’s first album and the second is as good. It is my favorite music to listen to to unwind. I pretty much worked my way through a burn out on the first album, so this band holds a special place in my heart. Their second album doesn’t disappoint and I found this sampler on their Vevo that I’d want to share with you.

Alt-J – Relaxer

And then without my realizing there was Alt-J’s third album. Another one of my favorite bands I love their experimental take on things. I found their full album as a playlist on their Youtube account. This may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I absolutely love it.

Beachwood Coyotes – Face to Face

This track was sent to me by PR and I love it. It’s a good indie track that is right up my alley. Think summer sun and a beer in your hand and a group of friends and this playing in the background.

HER – 5 Minutes

My favorite performance at Best Kept Secret? HER. This French duo blew the roof of the tent they were playing. Think Hurts, mixed with The XX and a bit of Jungle and you have a perfect mix of electronic beats, strong vocals and a good dose of funk.

Sundara Karma – Flame

The main discovery I made at Best Kept Secret was Sundara Karma. This band is being heavily buzzed in the music press and their songs were perfect in the summer sun. It’s a good blend of artsy rock with indie electro/ pop vibes.

W. H. Lung – Inspiration!

This randomly popped up on my playlist one day and it captured my attention. This track is more of a soundscape than anything else, which makes for something different for a change. It’s still heavily dosed in my beloved shoegaze though, so you could expect me to love it.

And that’s about it! When I get busy, I tend to go back to old favorites more so than new stuff, so even though I spent some time sorting through new playlists I haven’t had a chance to listen them just yet.

What have you been listening to this month?



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