Eyeshadow junkie tag

That I love eyeshadow is no secret, so it is only apt that I do this tag. It’s been a while since I saw anyone do it, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to bring it back. Today we will therefore be talking all things eyeshadow! Feel free to do this tag yourself, because that’s what tags are for.

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Eyeshadow junkie tag

1) Favorite drugstore line for eyeshadows?
It really depends on the time you ask me this question what I would answer. There are three lines that I like the most at any given time though. The Catrice Liquid Metal eyeshadows have sadly been discontinued, but are still some of my favorites. L’Oreal’s Infallible formula is one of the best drugstore formulas out there. However, my last favorite is a very new addition: Colourpop’s Super Shock eyeshadows are amazing and come in a variety of shades that is mindboggling.

2) Favorite eyeshadow primer?
Too Faced Shadow Insurance wins this one by a mile. While I have tried other primers and loved them, I somehow keep coming back to this. I was very sad to see it run out after over 2 years of use, but that does mean you get a good bang for your buck. 20 dollars/ euros in one go may seem like much, but it’s a steal if you think how long this product lasts and what it does for your shadow.

3) First ever eyeshadow purchase & do you still use it?
The green eyeshadow top right of the picture is the oldest eyeshadow I own. I remember wearing it on clubbing nights when I was 16. So this is easily more than 15 years old (I will turn 33 later this week! EEEK!). Of course I no longer use this but I still remember using it: over a creamy yellow base (that creased like nothing else), with shimmery gold in the inner corners. And per 2001s beauty standards, I applied the green from lid to eyebrow. Ah those were the days.

4) Best drugstore eyeshadow dupe?
I’m not sure. I’m not much of a dupe person. I don’t own many crazy expensive eyeshadows apart from the Burberry single you see in the middle of the picture. I guess a shade that is now very easy to dupe is MAC’s Club. I remember everyone going hots for this shade and now every self-respecting brand has one. I think Make Up Geek’s Havoc is a very close one for it.

5) Most underrated? (what you hear about the least, but LOVE-this includes singles/palettes)
Little Catrice palettes. I just feel they get too much slack. Yes, the quality isn’t the best, but for the price point (at only €5) each, I think they are worth the money. I reviewed several (here, here and here) in both the old and new formulas and I think they have definitely improved even though they can still do better. Other than that I think the Stila Eyes Are the Window of the Spirit is a palette that doesn’t get enough buzz.

6) Favorite single eyeshadow?
See that Burberry eyeshadow in the middle again? This shade is my favorite everyday, one shadow look. It is a pretty taupe that blends very easily and can be worn more full on, but I like it best when it’s just a wash of color on the lid.

7) Favorite cream eyeshadow?
I have two: Maybelline Color Tattoos and MAC Paint Pots. When I decluttered I did get rid of a ton, as many either had expired, started to dry up or I simply stopped wearing them. The reason for that? My love for stick cream shadows by Kiko.

8) Favorite neutral eyeshadow?
I wasn’t exactly sure how to interpret this question. If I have to pick a certain shade than I have a few. I tend to love taupes, khaki greens and steel grey colors on my eyes. If I have to pick just one neutral shadow that is my favorite, then you’d be hard pressed, because I love so many, most of them in palettes. I love the Lorac Pro 3, Naked 3 and Tarte In Bloom palettes. I like my cool tones, but love warm tones too.

9) Favored colored eyeshadow?
As with the previous question, I could answer this in different ways. My favorite colors to wear on my eyes are greens, purples and blues. I love berry tones and oranges too now (courtesy of the Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette). However, if I had to pick one single shadow then I think I’d have to go with a few options again. I love MAC’s Sea Worship Extra Dimension eyeshadow, Inglot’s Freedom System palettes (because you can choose whatever you like), and Sleek’s Calm Before the Storm.

Do you have a minute? One of my all time favorites is Urban Decay’s Naked 2. But I also love my Zoeva palettes, all Sleek palettes, my Too Faced and The Balm collections, custom MAC palette and so much more. I just love eyeshadow! So don’t make me pick just one!

What is your favorite eyeshadow palette?

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