Red items in my wardrobe

My favorite color is red and it so happens to be a great color for me to be wearing as well. So you can imagine my joy when I saw that red is one of the IT colors this season. Mixed with a ditsy floral print it is now all over the shops on dresses, skirts and what not. But I figured it would be best to show you some red items from my wardrobe that have none of those frills. I love a good, solid red over a ditsy floral print one every day. These are my selected items.

Red items in my wardrobe

Most of the pieces I’m about to show you were gathered over the course of several years. When I like something I stick to it for quite some time, even if I don’t get a tremendously high amount of wear out of it. Still, sometimes and item is just so unique that you wouldn’t do it any justice if you’d overwear it either. With red being such a bold color, that can easily happy, so I tend to rotate them as much as I can.

The Vintage Blazer

One of the most stand out pieces in my wardrobe is this red blazer. It is a vintage one that I bought in London some years ago. It has a very boxy fit, but it has amazing quality. It has a high wool count and even some cashmere, which also makes this very soft. I only wear this during the winter time, preferably with a pair of boyfriend or bootcut jeans and some brogues. I love the boxy fit and how it fits my body. One of my all time best purchases.

The Skater Dress

I love a good dress and if it’s skater style, even better. So you know that if I find one in red I have to have it right? This one is from H&M and a very plain dress apart from the pleats running over the bodice. This gives the dress a nicely slimming effect while it also helps the skirt to flare out to a flattering shape. It is made of a thick, sturdy material which again makes this more of a winter piece, but I always bust this out a few times during the colder months.

The Cable Knit Sweater

It took me quite some time before I’d found a good cable knit sweater and it just happened to be red. This sweater is quite long and therefore great for tucking into jeans. It is quite shapeless and baggy, but I like my knit wear that way. It has quite long oversized sleeves which I like to pull up to my elbows and it overall is one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe. Especially in the winter months, it’s great to have a few bright pieces to liven things up.

The Embroidered Short

Despite it’s very creased look, this pair of shorts is one I enjoy quite a bit. I bought this on sale for a whooping 5 euros and for that price I really couldn’t pass it up. It doesn’t have lining though which makes it a little bit difficult to wear out of the house, but I like using this for lounging around or on holiday. It has a more muted red color which works well with lighter colored tanks and t-shirts. The embroidery gives it a bit more pizzazz, but since it’s in the same red color, it doesn’t stand out too much.

The Faux Wrap Skirt

Wrapped dresses and skirts are a thing this season as well, but it becomes even better when you find an item that mimics that look without the hassle of actually having to wrap it. This pencil skirt is like that. I have had this for years and I currently do not fit into it, but hopefully come fall time, I will be able to rock this again. It has a little bit of stretch to it, which makes this comfortable enough, yet it also looks classy. The bold color helps it to really stand out and paired with neutrals this is a great workwear piece.

Do you wear red?

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