Which warm neutral palette should you buy?

Eyeshadow palettes: my main make up love. I already showed you my full collection earlier this year, but I wanted to do a more in-depth series. This gives me the chance to discuss even some of the older palettes that have become staples in the makeup world. When should you buy which one? What does each palette have to offer? Today, we’re kicking off this series with warm toned neutral palettes. Say hello to Urban Decay’s Naked 1, Too Faced’s Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar, Lorac’s Pro 1 and The Balm’s Nude Tude.

Which warm toned neutral eyeshadow palette should you buy?

All of these palettes have a place in my makeup collection, but that doesn’t mean they have to have on in yours. The downside of eyeshadow palettes is that they can be quite pricey. Hence my collection didn’t start recently: my eyeshadow palette collection is the result of years of collecting. But that also means that by now there are so many palettes out there, that it may be difficult to determine which ones are worth the splurge. That is why I started this series: to hopefully help you decide which palette you would like to save up for.

This video focuses on Urban Decay Naked 1, Too Faced Semi-Sweet, Lorac Pro 1 and The Balm’s Nude Tude. I feel that these palettes make up a nice little family of warm toned neutral shadows. These aren’t the crazy neutrals like an Anastasia Modern Renaissance with its bright reds and pinks: those are still neutrals, but to me those type of palettes fall in a completely different category.

For this video I decided to focus on the palettes that I love to wear in the summer time: bronzes and browns, coppers and golds. I find those shade difficult to pull off in the winter time, when I’m at my palest. But in the summer time, a good gold or bronze brown will make my heart beat a little bit faster.

In this video you will find a recommendation if you’re a complete beginner at makeup, are looking for variety and versatility, a boat load of mattes or something for a smokier look. Which one is which? Well you’ll have to watch the video to find out! I hope you enjoy your Sunday. Make it a great one!

Which of these palettes do you own or would you like to own?

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