Most used eyeshadow palettes

As a self-professed eyeshadowjunkie, I find it difficult to pan eyeshadow palettes. I simply have so many that I rotate mine in and out of use all the time. This means that there is not one single palette that gets constant use. So for me to have an eyeshadow palette show actual use, is quite special. Because it rarely happens that my eyeshadow palettes how any signs of use. That doesn’t mean I use them, but I tend to take care of my belongings quite carefully, so most of the time they don’t look very used. But these are 5 eyeshadow palettes that do show those signs of usage more than others. Why? Because I reach for them more often.  most used eyeshadow palettes

Most used eyeshadow palettes

You will notice that most of these palettes are a) high end and b) neutral. That as a clear reason. Two of these palettes are by Urban Decay and they make my favorite eyeshadow formula. There there are two palettes that I have had for years and that used to be my ultimate favorites back when I didn’t have so much makeup yet. Naturally, those got a lot of use. Finally, there is another oldie but a goodie and that is the only drugstore palette that made it into this cut.

Urban Decay Naked 3

most used eyeshadow palettes

I would never have thought that I’d love this palette so much. When I bought this I was obsessed with my Naked 2 palette, but found that if I want to do a pretty, but basic look, this is what I go for. This is the one palette I grab if I don’t know what to do, because I know that no matter what look I create with this it will look good. The pink tones simply work really well with my skin tone. Trick is the shade I use most of all: as you can see that shade has quite a good dent in it.

Inglot Freedom System

most used eyeshadow palettes

Now these two Inglot palettes make up one for me. I have a spring toned palette by this brand which features mostly pastel shade and these are my fall/ winter shades. Because I hand picked these, these are all shades that I know work well for me and that is why is also the only colorful palette in this selection. There isn’t a shade here that does not work for me. I don’t use this as much anymore, but for a long time this was my only colorful palette. As you can see I loved that purple in the middle as well as the grey and the brown.

Urban Decay Naked Basics 2

most used eyeshadow palettes

I own both Urban Decay Naked Basics palettes (the small ones, I don’t own the large Ultimate Basics at this current time), and of the two this is my most used. I find that these complement any eyelook I create and I often pull this in when I do a look that needs some neutrals to balance it out. Skimp is one of my favorite brow bone shades and Frisk and Cover make good alternating crease shades. I often use this in accordance with Naked Basics 1 to create a fully neutral matte look.

Sleek I-Divine eyeshadow palette Au Natural

most used eyeshadow palettes

This palette predates many of my higher end eyeshadow palettes. This was where I got my makeup start you could say. I heart Make up, Freedom and Make Up Revolution weren’t around yet, but I believe it is made in the same factory. At least that’s what I heard. But before we had those brands, there was Sleek and for the price point these palettes are great. I own many, mostly because they often do colors that you don’t want to spend a fortune on. So I don’t reach for this neutral number that much anymore, but as you can see this has been loved.

Too Faced Naked Eye

most used eyeshadow palettes

While everyone was raving about the Natural Eye palette by Too Faced, I decided to get this. Long since discontinued (but many of these shades are in their Boudoir Eyes palette) this was one of the first high end palettes I owned. I bought this because I wanted cool toned shades and my Naked 1 didn’t really have them (and Naked 2 didn’t exist yet). This palette simply hangs around for nostalgic reasons: I bought it back when Sephora was still around in NL, I loved using this to create cool toned and smokey looks and it was one of the very few eyeshadow palettes I owned.

What are your most used eyeshadow palettes?

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