What I eat in a week

So a few weeks ago I told you I was going low carb and sugar free as much as possible for 2 weeks. And I thought that it would be a good opportunity to show you what I then eat. So I took pictures here and there throughout the week to show you what my meals looked like and how I ventured in my second and final week of doing this. So if you’ve been wondering what one eats when they go low carb and sugar free, then stay tuned!

What I eat in a week

Now looking at all these meals throughout the week it may not seem too varied, but I live by myself and I don’t have a freezer. So my option in terms of premade meals is very limited. I try to change up what I can, but I also try to waste as little food as possible. So that means that a good chunk of my meals are very similar. Simply because it would be a shame to be throwing things away.

Sunday 30 July 2017

I started the day with a smoothie made with some leftover peaches, raspberries and some coconut milk. I love making smoothies with coconut milk as it is dairy free and a little sweetened naturally. I use a fairtrade coconut milk.

Since it was Sunday I was up quite late so I spent the afternoon snacking and grazing on some fresh blueberries and a nut mix I got from my local farmer’s market. It’s very convenient living on top of it.

For dinner I made a pasta with courgette and avocado. I turned the avocado into a sauce and briefly sauteed the courgette. The pasta I used is a chickpea pasta which is 100% gluten and grain free. I made breakfast muffins for the rest of the week.

Monday 31 July 2017


lunch part 1

lunch part 2


mid afternoon snack


evening snack

All of the day time food you see here, from breakfast and lunch to snacks were repeated on Tuesday and Wednesday. I started my day with 2 of my homemade breakfast muffins and a glass of water. I had a pear around the 11 AM mark and lunch was some yoghurt with nuts, dried fruit and flaxseeds.

Around 3 PM I had the veggies and maybe the apple. But mostly the apple came a little bit later. I saved the banana for the train ride home. I usually need something sweet to pick me up at the end of the day and I thought a banana would do the trick and it did.

I repeated dinner from the night before, which is my usual strategy: I cook once and will have the same meals two days in a row. Later that night I had some strawberries as a bit of a snack.

Tuesday 1 August 2017

On Tuesday I repeated all the meals from Monday, save dinner and my snack. For dinner I made a protein smoothie. Using coconut milk again, but this time I chucked in some strawberries and frozen black berries.

I measured one scoop of raw protein powder to go into it as well. I prefer raw protein powder that is plant based over whey protein. The latter will turn everything into a milkshake and I don’t like that texture. I finished the day with a nob of cumin cheese.

Wednesday 2 August 2017

I know this is getting boring, but I once again repeated breakfast, lunch and all the snacks from Tuesday and only changed dinner. I made some soup some weeks ago and still had some in my uber small freezer. (It’s not that I don’t have a freezer, it’s just very very small). So I had some leftover homemade veggie soup with meatballs for dinner.

Thursday 3 August 2017

For Thursday I had some different meals again. It’s my day off, so I can wake up a bit later, meaning I need less food in a day. I started the day with a handful of strawberries. I like to go for a yin yoga class on Thursday mornings and I have found I like to have eaten something, but not too much before doing that, so I kept my meal at a minimum.

For lunch I had some leftover smoothie and 2 of my breakfast muffins. To me, lunch and breakfast foods are pretty much interchangeable and I figured having the muffins for lunch would be a better idea. I was a bit naughty too and had some dark chocolate with almonds and sea salt. And I cooked some chicken legs and beetroot for dinner.

Friday 4 August & Saturday 5 August 2017

I roped these two together as my meals were very similar again and at this point I was starting to forget taking pictures. I started the day on Friday with my yoghurt/ nut combo and had muffins for breakfast. On Saturday I changed that up and changed them around instead. On Friday I had the chicken and beetroot from Thursday again and some more cheese.

On Saturday I decided to treat myself. My deal with myself was that I was allowed to order sushi if I made it through these two weeks. And I did, so on Saturday night, I treated myself to sushi. And that’s a wrap on two weeks on a low carb and sugar free diet. My body is also telling me that it has had enough, so I made some pasta this weekend to have this week, because I need some carbs back into my system. But it was a great way to kickstart and get myself back into gear.

What do you eat in a week?

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