Catrice The Brown Collection

The new Catrice range doesn’t just feature new makeup, but they have also come out with some new nail polishes. They already updated their entire nail polish range just recently and replaced their older formula with the new Icon Nails. But within this formula, they have now launched two different sub collection, one of which I will be reviewing for you today. Meet the Brown Collection.  Catrice the brown collection nails nail polish review swatch 03 goddess of bronze 04 unmistakable style

Catrice Brown Collection Nail Lacquer
03 Goddess of Bronze
04 Unmistakable Style

The line stands out because of its copper looking, high shine packaging. These retail for €2.99, just like other Catrice nail polishes. There are 5 colors in total and I picked up two of them because those appealed to me the most. They all looked quite dark to me in the bottles, so I went with two shades that I felt might still be flattering on my skin tone. There are different finishes, but the two that I picked up both have a metallic finish.

Goddess of Bronze

The first shade I liked was Goddess of Bronze and the name already says it all: this is a bronze nail polish. Or a copper, which ever way you want to go. I think this type of shade is perfect for fall time as it reminds me a lot of leaves that are turning color.

Unmistakable Style

My other pick was Unmistakable Style and I liked this because it appears like a deep intense chocolate brown with red flecks. I think this might be very similar to Revlon’s Autumn Spice which is one of my favorite fall shades, but unfortunately that one is scented (it smells like cloves) and I’m not always digging the smelly nail, especially when I’m eating.

The Brush

As with the Icon Nails polishes, these come with a individual cap that you take off. Once removed, there is the actual lid of the bottle underneath with the brush. The brush is quite wide and I found that these polishes almost go on opaque with just one coat. I found it hard to lay down a thin coat because of the formula and brush. All you need is pretty much one swipe to do a nail. Impressive!

The Swatches

On the left you see Unmistakable Style and on the right you can see Goddess of Bronze. Both polishes have good color pay off. Goddess of Bronze looks a little bit streaky here, but on the nails that was not at all noticeable as you will be able to see below. Both polishes have a metallic high shine finish and wear time was okay.

On the nail

Picture on the left: freshly painted with a layer of glossy top coat on top. I always use the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri: best top coat of life and it leaves a very glossy finish which I like combined with the high shine of these polishes. On the right: after 7 days of wear. My pinky and ring finger are the two weakest nails so they chip the quickest. Plus I type a lot which mean tip wear is inevitable.

The Conclusion

I’m pretty pleased with Catrice’s Brown Collection. Granted, browns have to be your color, but since there are 5 colors in the range there has to be something for everyone. And if we have to believe Catrice brown is going to be the IT-color of the season. But if you can get Catrice and are looking for some affordable polishes for the fall/ winter season than The Brown Collection is a very good place to start.

Do you wear brown nail polish?

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