10 reasons to love a good dress

Dresses: what is not to love? In my case, dresses are one of my favorite clothing items. Not only to shop for, but also to wear. I love a good dress and I have my reasons why. In today’s post, I would like to talk you through why dresses need a little bit more love.

10 reasons to love a good dress

1) It’s a one-stop-shop. My main reason for advocating dresses is the fact that with a dress, your entire outfit is complete with just one garment. No need to think of how to style it up if you don’t want, because one single dress can do it all for you.

2) It’s the easiest way to wear prints. Wearing prints, especially ones other than stripes and polkadots, can be quite challenging. But with a dress, you can go pretty bold and crazy without it looking too overdone. If you were meaning to get more into prints, then getting a dress in that print is probably a very safe bet.

3) It’s the easiest way to wear colors. The same goes for color. Injecting color into a wardrobe is something some people struggle with. If you don’t dare go full out and wear a bright red number just yet, go with something easier and opt for a grey of a navy blue.

4) It’s versatile. I think people underestimate how versatile a dress can be. I like wearing my dresses in several ways: with boots for a more edgy vibe, with brogues for a more masculine vibe and with a heel for a more sophisticated look. Different shoes, blazers and cardigans will be able to transform your one dress into many different outfits.

5) It’s feminine. Depending on the shape you get, a dress is a great way to highlight curves in all the right places. My favorite being a skater dress, which accentuates all the right bits. I then proceed to dress it down with more masculine items, but because the dress is already very feminine, makes it easier to get away with.

6) It’s easy to style. Dresses are so easy to style up. As I already mentioned, one dress is an outfit in itself, so styling them up is so easy despite what people think. I just throw on a cardigan and a different shoe and each time my outfit is different. And that is also all you need to style up a dress: a good layering piece to add some warmth and some shoes to finish off the look.

7) It’s different. Wearing a dress is also an easy way to wear something different. Here in Holland, many women wear jeans and a t-shirt year round. So wearing a dress easily makes you stand out. Plus it is also a great way to diversify your own look and wardrobe.

8) It’s fun. Personally, I find wearing a dress a lot of fun. My love for dresses started when I was a little girl. All I wanted to wear was a ‘zwierjurk’: a dress that would flare out as I twirled around. I think my mom made me the same dress in a different pattern several times because I loved them so much.

9) It’s elegant. Sure a pant suit is a very elegant look, but I like the retro feel of a good dress. There is something very 40s/ 50s chic about wearing a dress and to me that instantly elevates the look no matter how you wear it.

10) It’s cool. And don’t forget that dresses don’t have to mean your style is boring or outdated. With a more fitted silhouette and a great pair of sturdy boots and a biker jacket, a dress can also be taken into the realm of rocker chic. No matter your style: a dress will always fit within it.

What do you love about wearing dresses?

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