Catrice Chrome Infusion nail polish

Catrice is one of my favorite drugstore brands for nail polish. And even though I haven’t been into doing my nails these past few months, when they launched some new polishes, I knew I had to try them. I already reviewed the new Brown Collection and today we will delve deeper into their new Chrome Fusion line.  Catrice Chrome Fusion Nail Polish review swatch 04 Unexpected Red 05 Enchanted Camouflage

Catrice Chrome Fusion nail lacquer
04 Unexpected Red & 05 Enchanted Camouflage

Catrice nail polish retails for €3.99 a piece and so does this line. Chrome Fusion is a line consisting of 5 shades, of which I decided to try 2. These are the darkest shades in the line: all others are more standard metallics such as a silver and a rose gold. The line promises to give the nail a metallic, high shine look.

The Brush

With the introduction of the reformulated line, the packaging has been upgraded quite a bit. The brush is still pretty wide as with all Catrice polishes. A great technique if your nails are big enough, but in my case it makes for easy spills and a messy application. That said however, you do get a pretty much even application with just one swipe. You just need to take care to clean up the edges after you are done.

04 Unexpected Red

My main motivation for picking up these two shades is because they are not only metallic, but also have a duochrome shift to it. Depending on how the light hits this polish, Unexpected Red can turn purple or red. It also appears to have a green tinge in the bottle, but that does not translate to the nail.

05 Enchanted Camouflage

Enchanted Camouflage is another duochrome looking polish with a gold, green and a hint of pink. Again, the latter only shows up in the bottle, but the green/ gold color most certainly shows. This reminded me of a polish Catrice did yonks ago called Genius in a Bottle. That is more of a true duochrome though, but if you never got your hands on that, then this is a good replacement.

The Swatch

The consistency of these is good. They go on opaque in almost one coat. Wear time is decent, but it is not the longlasting formula Catrice promises. This lasted around 3 days on my nails before it started to majorly chip only only certain nails. The rest was kept in tact.

On the nail

Left: freshly applied
Right: 4 days of wear time

On the nail you can see this has a fairly thick texture to it. That’s why that once it chips, it chips badly. There is a little streakiness, but not as much as in the swatches. What you can clearly see however, is how the colors look different in different lights. In some lights the red looks like a berry shade and the gold like a murky khaki green. Then when the light hits it in full swing, a beautiful shine brings more life to these shades.

The Conclusion

These polishes have their pros and cons. I like the shades of the Chrome Fusion line but when it comes to application and wear time, there are still some improvements to be made. These are some unique colors though and I would most certainly make the effort of applying these again in the future. Because to be quite honest, I think that polishes as pretty as these are worth the hassle.

What do you think of the Catrice Chrome Fusion nail polish?

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