Favorite fall fragrance

It’s a day early, but I’ve already been preparing myself for fall. It’s pretty much been nothing but fall weather here anyway so I’ve taken out the long sleeves and Chelsea boots again. With a change of the season, I also change up my perfume. What fragrances are my favorite to wear in the fall? favorite fragrance perfume fall 2017 chanel chloé diesel burberry

Favorite fragrance for fall 2017

None of these perfumes are brand new: when it comes to fragrance I tend to stick to what I know. I have had all of these for years and still love them and I go back to them every year. It’s not as if these perfumes do not get worn during the rest of the year, but it’s in the fall time that I reach for these most.

Burberry Brit – One of the oldest perfumes in my collection and one that I don’t wear too often anymore, but which I still love. A sweet and warm scent with a fresh and fruity start that isn’t too floral. I love this especially after it wears down as it contains some very warm notes that linger on my skin well.

Diesel Fuel for Life – This is not the most longlasting perfume, but this is one of those scents I just throw on when I don’t know what to wear. It’s easy to wear and goes with every mood. It is one that of course not the most exciting perfume ever, but I like the musky undertone that this has and it has jasmine: one of my favorite notes in perfumes!

Chloé Love Chloé – The only way to describe this is as a powdery smell. This is very feminine and quite floral at the start, but it dries down to a very soft scent. I love wearing this in the fall time as it just goes so well with wind and rainy weather. This fragrance is that warm soft blanket and cup of tea at the end of a long chilly day. It can get a little heady for me, so I use this sparingly.

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle – My current favorite and up until recently I only used this for special occasions. This smells very strong on me. Whenever I wear this however, I do get compliments on the scent as it goes very well with my skin’s chemistry. For the longest time I wanted a Chanel perfume, but most were a bit heavy on the patchouli for me. This is a lot lighter and a lot more wearable, which is why almost every woman owns this, but still it’s a good standard to have.

Chloé Chloé – The original Chloé perfume I bought when it first launched and I have loved it ever since. This is another very wearable scent and one that I love to wear with a light spritz in a scarf. It has a very warm scent as well, but it’s not too heady. It is very floral though, so that has to be your cup of tea. Nevertheless, this is one that is yet again very feminine and very wearable. I don’t like overly complicated scents.

What are your favorite perfumes for fall?

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