How I wear houndstooth

Houndtooth or pied-de-poule is one of my favorite fall time prints. Not sure why, but I veer towards dogtooth when the leaves start to fall. Perhaps it’s because I love pairing it with jewel tones and rich fabrics such as wool and velvet that I bring it out a lot during the fall. In any case, now that fall is here, I know I’ll be busting these items out a bit more again. In this blog post, I will show you three of my houndstooth print items and how I style them up in two different ways.

how I wear houndstooth pied-de-poule

How I wear houndstooth

I think houndstooth is my third favorite print after stripes and polkadots. It has a very classic and therefore a classy feel to it. And that greatly influences how I like to wear this print. Paired with rich colors, thick fabrics, but also when clashing prints, this is a very versatile print to wear.

The Shoe

how I wear houndstooth pied-de-poule

Left: shirt | Pieces, skirt | H&M
Right: dress | Vila
Shoes: Sacha

My first item to style up is a pair of mary jane heels. These low heeled shoes have been a staple of years. I bought them when I still taught secondary school, which was nearly 10 years ago. I don’t wear them much anymore, but I love how these add a bit of a retro feel to any of my outfits. On the left I’ve styled this more casually with a pajama type shirt and a velvet skirt. On the right is the more dressed up version with a silk like faux wrap dress in a stunning deep aubergine color.

The Skirt

how I wear houndstooth pied-de-poule

Left: jacket | H&M, shirt | Forever 21, shoes | Urban Outfitters
Right: shirt | H&M, shoes | Asos
Skirt: Costes

A dogtooth printed skirt is a little bit more out there. This has a very textured look as well and is therefore great for the fall time. Paired with black tights you can easily dress this up or dress this down. If I were to dress this down I would pair it with a casual jacket and clash some prints. For a more dressed up version, I would bring out those jewel tones again. This time however, I have opted for rich blues. The blouse has a very silky feel and adds clashing texture to the top half of the outfit, while the bottom half repeats the color but in a nicely textured velvet look. A great look for drinks on the town.

The Shirt

how I wear houndstooth pied-de-poule

Left: blazer | Vintage, jeans | Topshop, shoes | Asos
Right: skirt | Asos, shoes | Clarks
Shirt: Vila

Perhaps the most obvious choice, but a houndstooth shirt can easily be quite overpowering. I therefore always try to incorporate it into outfits that complement the print. That’s why I like pairing this shirt with a manly blazer in a bold red shade and some blue skinny jeans. For a more dressed up look, I love wearing it with a forest green midi skirt. The skirt is made of a scuba materials and by keeping the bottom half in the same color family, the print can do all the talking.

How do you wear houndstooth print?

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