Favorite fall blush

I am someone who likes to change up their beauty products with the seasons and blush is definitely an item that I rotate around. Since I am always try new things, the selection keeps on changing and so the blushes I go for now are quite different from the ones I used to like. It’s been three years (!!) since I last showed you my selection, so time for an update! favorite fall blush

Favorite fall blush

Now even though most of the blushes I’ve selected this year may be different, the types of colors I go for in the fall time are still very similar. Think mauves, berries, dusty pinks and neutrals. That is what I love year round, but especially in the fall time, I reach for these shades. And lo and behold: some products just stand the test of time, because one of these was already in my old blog post.

1.) Hourglass Ambient Lighting blush Mood Exposure – Now it shouldn’t be a surprise that my Hourglass blushes make it onto my favorites lists. These are some of my favorite blushes of all time. They are quite pricey, but they are worth every penny. Why I love them? They go on easily, blend well, stay all day and never make you look like a clown.

2.) Wet N Wild Rosé Champagne – On the more budget side of things, you are always good with trying some Wet N Wild. Truth be told, their old formula wasn’t my favorite. These blushes are super pigmented and the older blush I have, called Mellow Wine, can look a little too intense on my fair skin. Which is why I decided to try one of their new shades. And I love it. This shade is great for a natural look.

3.) Kiko Shade Fusion Trio Blush 05 – If you say pinky mauve, then this blush wins on all fronts. It is matte, it is subtle, but it gets the job done. I bought this last year and it quickly became one of my favorite blushes. Now that it’s fall time, I find myself reaching for it quite often again. This is a great everyday blush as it adds a little bit of flush.

4.) Catrice Strobing Blush 020 Ms Rosalie Berry – Brand new from Catrice and already one a favorites list: that’s how great this is. This blush does have a little bit more of an impact color wise than the other ones here. However, the shade is a super pretty berry shade that is quite neutral in its undertone. A flattering shade for many different tastes.

5.) Illamasqua Naked Rose blush – Lastly, there is another high end blush that I have to mention. It was in my post 3 years ago and I’m adding it again now. I forget about this blush for most of the year, but come late fall, this is my favorite blush to wear. The dusty rose look is so flattering and it is also fully matte which makes it very versatile.

What blush do you like to wear in the fall time?

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