Catrice Liquid Metal Longlasting cream eyeshadow

The Catrice Liquid Metal range is one that I love. They did a range of nail polish, eyeshadow and eyeliner. The Liquid Metal eyeshadow and eyeliner were particular favorites, so when I spotted a cream eyeshadow version, I just had to try it. The only shade that stood out to me was a shimmery champagne, so that is what I tried out for you.  catrice liquid metal longlasting cream eyeshadow 010 california creamin'

Catrice Liquid M etal longlasting cream eyeshadow 010 California Creamin’

With the Catrice line change ups, you just never know how long products will be around, but this still available. There are 5 different shades and they retail for €3.99 each. I purchased the lightest shade available: 010 California Creamin’. The others just didn’t look that great to me and I figured that this shade might be quite multi use as it might double as a highlighter.

The Packaging

The product comes in a lipgloss like tube with a doe foot applicator. The name of the product is printed on the side and you can clearly see the shade through the tube. This makes it easy to select a shade if you were to own multiples.

The doe foot applicator is more of a flat paddle shape. There is quite a bit of product on it, so it’s easy to apply too much product I find. It would have been better if it would be easier to take the amount of product you actually need.

The Swatch

In a swatch you get the fully concentrated version of this product. However, if you look closely you can see this has quite a sheer base to it. In my experience, this sheer out into almost nothing. You can layer it for more intensity, but do not expect this to be as intense on the eye as you see in the swatch.

Lasting power was good. Essentially this is a liquid eyeshadow and this sets down quickly. When it sets, it won’t budge. That is why this is great as an eyeshadow base. I found this doesn’t crease and since it’s quite sheer, it perfect to create a shimmery base layer before applying other shimmery shadow on top. The shimmer becomes more intense and your look will pack more of a punch.

The Application

On the eye, you can clearly see what I mean. This sheers out so much that my camera had a hard time picking this up. I layered it under the Essential Nude palette in this blog post and I like the effect of the two together. They amplify each other nicely, but with such a shiny swatch, one would hope it would look like that on the eye as well. If you’re into super natural looks however, or cannot wear any makeup looks that are too out there, then this will be perfect as it gives just the hint of shine and brightness to the eye.

The Conclusion

The Catrice Liquid Metal cream eyeshadow is a little too natural for my tastes, but that doesn’t mean this is a bad product. It is a longlasting eyeshadow for sure, but I find this lacks in color pay off. It certainly gives a bright and highlighted look and that is why I haven’t decluttered this yet from my makeup collection. I can see plenty of used for a product like this and have found that it works well as an inner corner highlight.

What is a liquid eyeshadow you love?

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