OPI Iceland collection

I have not had the hots for many OPI polishes lately, but there is still the one off that I do love. Case in point: the Iceland collection for fall. There were a few polishes in this collection that caught my eye, but ultimately I felt they were to similar to colors I already owned. Apart from one that is: Turn on the Northern Lights.  opi iceland collection review swatch turn on the northern lights nails nail polish

OPI Iceland collection Turn on the Northern Lights

As always I need to start my OPI reviews with a bit of a disclaimer. I love OPI nail polish. It is my favorite nail polish brand so each collection they bring out, I am always excited. I have not tried many OPI polishes that I don’t like. That said, it is a pricey one. At €14.95 a piece, these nail polishes don’t come cheap. But to me they are worth every penny.

The Packaging

My first reason for loving OPI is the brush. There simply isn’t a brush that I like better. It is quite narrow, which works well with my small nails. I find these brushes work precisely and dispense a good amount of product.

My other reason for loving OPI polishes? The lasting power. Out of all polishes, OPI’s last longest on my nails. I have not yet been able to wear this polish as I was too busy redecorating my new place (and my nails are absolutely wrecked as a result).

What drew me into this polish was the color. I don’t have anything like this. It looks like a straight up purple, but when you twist and turn it, there are flecks of blue, red and and even a flash of gold. In short, the name of this couldn’t be more apt as it reflects the colors of the Northern Lights.

The only problem that I have with some of these polishes is that they can be quite sheer. Duochromes are notoriously hard to do right. So you can imagine my surprise when I found out that this polish goes on opaque in two coats.

The Swatch

As you can see Turn on the Northern Lights is opaque with just two coats. I always swatch my polishes on a clear nail wheel and apply two coats. This way it is easy to see whether the polish is opaque or not. The polish has a stunning shine and I think this will be pretty on the nails.

The Conclusion

Turn on the Northern Lights is a gorgeous polish and a great addition to my nail polish collection. OPI does it again and I can’t wait to wear it. I just need to give my nails a little bit of time to recuperate after weeks of painting, cleaning and building Ikea furniture. I will make sure to share the polish on my nails once its on on my Instagram: @indiequeen84.

What is your recent nail polish purchase?

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