Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer

I am not one to give in to hype, but when your favorite makeup brand makes a product that so many people rave about, I just can’t pass it up. So I may be a little bit late to hop on the bandwagon, but it is always interesting to see whether this concealer is as good as everyone says it is.

Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer Light Neutral

Of course Urban Decay is not a cheap brand, but also not the most expensive. Still, at €25.50 this is not an affordable product either. And to be quite honest, I don’t try many high end concealers because there are so many great ones at the drugstore. Some of my recent favorites are for instance by Catrice, LA Girl and Rimmel. So how does this measure up?

The Packaging

This concealer comes is stunning packaging. This concealer is definitely a winner packaging wise. What is especially good about this packaging is the wand. Another great thing about the packaging is the fact that you can clearly see the product through this packaging. That is always a plus.

As I said, the wand is the best part about the packaging. The wand is not just a standard doe foot applicator but has more of a paddle shape. And that paddle shape is what makes this concealer tick. The two flat sides make it easy to spread out the product without double dipping as you can simply flip it over. Ingenious!

The Swatch

I very deliberately didn’t buy a very light shade in this, because I already had so many shades that are super light. And since I like to use concealer on more than just my under eye area, it’s good to have a concealer that is closer to your skin tone rather than super light.

The texture of this concealer is lightweight and very liquidy. And that is another reason why this is a great concealer. It is thin, but not too watery. It blends well, stays put and hardly settles into lines. After applying this I find it looks pretty much seamless and like skin.

The Application

As you can see, this concealer covers what it needs to cover. It makes light work of dark circles, redness and and other discolorations that I may want to cover it up. I love how this says put, but the shade is only right for me for part of the year. By now it’s a little bit too dark, but it works well in the spring and summer. In the summer this is a great one to use if you want to forego foundation as well.

The Conclusion

Yes, the Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer is one of the best concealers I have ever tried. I will certainly look into purchasing a lighter shade so I can use this year round. That being said, however, there are many drugstore concealers that I love that work just as well. While the texture of this is unique in my concealer collection, I do feel that you don’t have to spend this much money to find a good concealer.

What concealer do you love?

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