Essence Holographic highlighter stick

It’s getting darker and darker as we’re nearing the winter season and that means that any which way you can brighten up a day is very welcome. Makeup wise that means whipping out some extra highlighter. And what better way to do that than with a holographic highlighter? Essence has decided to bring out that extra sparkle and have introduced a holographic highlighter stick to their range. But is it any good?

Essence Prismatic Hololighter stick 10 Be Unique Be a Unicorn

After rainbow highlights, brands have now started to bring anything unicorn and mermaid inspired on the market. Too Faced is even releasing a complete unicorn limited edition this winter. But Essence is one step ahead of the competition here and already released their version of a unicorn highlight. This cream highlighter stick retails for €3.59, which is a steal compared to many products with a similar feel to them.

The Packaging

Packaging wise not much of interest is going on. This is a bog standard stick highlighter that twists up and has a cap. This being Essence the packaging does feel quite cheap and I have found that the lid can easily come off, so be careful if you want to travel with this.

When you twist up the stick, the product really doesn’t look that special, nor very holographic. It is not as if this instantly looks like a metallic heaven of sparkle. You can see a little bit of shine, but mostly this looks like a soft pastel cream if anything else.

The Swatch

It’s when you swatch this Essence highlighter that it comes to life. Once applied a blue/ purple/ pink shifting highlighter appears that is nothing like anything in my collection. It is creamy, but not greasy and this product does require some warming up before application for a seamless blend.

I’d say that lasting power of this is good for a cream product, especially if you set it with a translucent powder. This doesn’t have any obvious glitter to it, but really creates a luminous sheen on the skin. The shade has to be your cup of tea: pale skin tones will probably work best as it pulls very cool toned.

The Application

Upon first swatch you may think this to be a very unwearable shade, but I was surprised at how natural this looked on my skin. It turns more icy white once applied and while that may not be the trendy it shade that most people prefer: they work marvels if you have a neutral, fair skin tone like me. I would say this is not a holographic highlighter though as the shift this has in the swatch is no longer visible on the face.

The application was a little bit tricky. I found this works best rubbed onto fingers and then patted onto the cheeks and blended out with a stipple brush. I would advise against applying this straight from the stick as that moves your foundation around. I was left with a giant gap in my base makeup when applying this product that way. Warm this up between your fingers and you will get a gorgeous glow!

The Conclusion

I am pleasantly surprised by the Essence Holographic highlighter stick. While it may not be holographic per se, this is still a great cream highlighter that is good for fair skin tones. It certainly brightens up the face and that is exactly what a highlighter should do.

What do you think of the Essence Prismatic Hololighter?

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