Primark Beauty Blender dupes

When it comes to applying foundation, I am one who prefers a brush over all methods of application. They are easy to handle, apply the right amount and are easy to clean. But some foundations simply work better when applied with a sponge. If the foundation is richer, thicker and creamier, then a wet sponge may be the best way to apply the foundation. And while the beauty blender is still everyone’s go to, it is rather expensive and so many affordable dupes have been making the rounds. When I found this affordable €2 pack at Primark, I knew I had to try it.  primark beauty blender dupe review makeup sponge

Primark Beauty Blender dupe sponge pack

The original Beauty Blender makeup sponge retails for €19.95. This pack from Primark is €2 for 2 sponges. One of the sponges look like the original Beauty Blender: an egg shaped sponge with a pointed tip. The other sponge has an hourglass shape to it on top of a flatter bottom and another pointed tip that seems a bit more blunt than the other one.

What intrigued me about these sponges is how much they look like a Beauty Blender and when squeezing them through the packaging, they felt like it too. I was quite disappointed when I unwrapped them though. Both sponges felt stiff and dense. There was a certain hardness to them that had me expect these to be very uncomfortable to use. Luckily, I was pleasantly surprised when I actually used them: one of these is my current favorite makeup application tool.

Makeup Sponge 1

The first sponge has an hourglass shape to it which makes it easy to handle. It has a flat bottom which makes it easy for spreading foundation over larger areas such as your cheeks. The point is a little blunt which is why this isn’t my preferred shape. For precise and targeted application such as around the nose or the inner corner this isn’t the best. So I would not use this with concealer, but just foundation. Application is quick, but this isn’t my favorite as it isn’t the multitasker I need it to be.

Makeup Sponge 2

My favorite of these two sponges would be this one. Shaped like the original Beauty Blender this is definitely very similar. It starts off about as small, but when you wet it, this grows much bigger than the original version. Where the first touch of this was quite dense and hard, this softened up a lot too: it became even softer and bounchier than the Beauty Blender!

Because of the large size of this after wetting it, it is a little less precise than the original. But since I first apply my face makeup and then do my eye look, this isn’t a problem for me. It is quick and easy to use and feels great. I find this works even a little better for me than the Beauty Blender. The large size of the sponge makes this even quicker to use.

There is only one downside to this: it stays quite damp for a long time. When wet it gets very wet and I wring it out in a towel to get rid of all the extra moisture. After use it takes about 2 full days for it to shrink back to its original size and feel dry to the touch. Other sponges I have used dry up and shrink back within 24 hours. So I’m doubting how long it will last.

I am really enjoying these cheap and cheerful Primark Beauty Blender makeup sponge dupes. For just €2 a pack, you get two sponges that are very usable indeed. If they last well (and I’ll make sure to put them in an empties video when they lose their luster), these will be a great alternative to the much more expensive Beauty Blender.

How do you like to apply your foundation?

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