Essence Winter Dreams LE eyeshadow palette

Essence just released their new limited edition for winter 2017. When I spotted they do a 12 pan eyeshadow palette that reminds me of Urban Decay’s Naked 3 palette, I knew I had to try to get my hands on it. The new Winter Dreams eyeshadow palette is surprisingly good in my opinion.

Essence Winter Dreams Eyeshadow Palette limited edition
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This palette retails for a whooping €7.99. For a 12 pan eyeshadow palette that is next to nothing. So in true Essence fashion, the palette is super affordable. Since it is limited edition it can be difficult to get your hands on it. I got it the minute it released, after spotting it on their Instagram. It really is one of those ‘get it while you can’ items and I am glad I managed to snatch one up.

The Packaging

The palette is housed in cardboard packaging. There is no mirror, but the palette does come with a brush. The packaging is nothing special: it is straightforward and closes with a magnet. It doesn’t feel weighted and it doesn’t feel very high quality, but then again, it is an affordable palette. And for an affordable palette, this packaging is really not too shabby.

The Brush

Inside the palette, there is a brush. Usually I’m not a fan of brushes that come with a palette, but this one is actually quite useful. While you will not be able to do a full look with this one brush, I have been loving it for applying a wash of color onto the lower lash line. Since the brush is quite small (the size of a pinky nail roughly), it works really well for smaller, more detailed eyeshadow application.

The Product

Inside you get 12 shades. This is definitely a neutral palette. The shades really remind me of the color scheme in the Urban Decay Naked 3 eyeshadow palette. It has that same pinky/ mauve undertone to the shadows, be it a little less outspoken and the shades are certainly different. So I wouldn’t say this is a dupe, but this palette is definitely inspired by the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette.

The Shades

The first 6 shades in the palette features 2 mattes, 2 satins and 2 shimmers. And now you can see what I mean by my comparison to Naked 3: the mattes are positioned in the same spot as in the Naked 3 and the color scheme is very close to that. I just feel that these shades pull a little bit more taupe rather than pink. The shadows do not have any names by the way.

The second half of the palette is much darker and you can see you can easily use this palette to create a smokey look as well as an everyday look. Here you can clearly see the cooler undertone. Of these 6 shades, only 1 is matte (again similar to Naked 3!) and there are 4 satins and 1 shimmer.

The Swatch

Swatched out you can see that these colors aren’t too outspoken, but the pigment is definitely there. The black isn’t super black, but more of a dark charcoal shade. The shimmers definitely stand out from the rest, but the mattes and satins also perform well.

The texture is a tad chalky and powdery, as I find many affordable eyeshadows do. However, these are soft and not too stiff and while there is quite a bit of kickback, I did not experience any fall out and blendability was great. The shadows were easy to build up and I like the look that came out.

The Application

The look that came out is very neutral, but also very pretty. These are the type of looks I like to wear to work. So if you work in an office or if you’re going to school and can’t wear too much makeup for any other reason, then this is a great palette to check out.

I used the darkest shade in the palette to create a hazy liner along my upper lash line, which I like. The lightest shimmer shade is in my inner corner and I love the highlight it gives. Overall, I find the palette gives a soft, blended look without looking too muddy.

The Conclusion

I think Essence outdid themselves with this new limited edition eyeshadow palette. The Winter Dreams eyeshadow palette has one of the best eyeshadow formulas Essence has done in a while. This is the quality I remember the brand doing in their old 6 pan eyeshadow palettes. At such an affordable price point, this is a great basic, neutral, everday palette to add to your collection. Or if you’re just starting out and are looking for a palette that will allow you to practice and play: this is one for you.

What is your favorite affordable eyeshadow formula?

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