Catrice Dazzle Bomb Limited Edition

It had been a while since I was last intrigued by a Catrice limited edition collection. Most of them were a bit meh and it hasn’t been since last summer that I found some products I liked in their seasonal limited edition collections. But 2018 is off to a good start with their new Dazzle Bomb limited edition. Sadly, this was released just days before New Year’s Eve. I think this sparkly collection would have better suited a release before the holidays, not when they are almost over. Oh well, this a little bit of glitter can never do no wrong, so let’s have a closer look.

Catrice Dazzle Bomb lipstick & nail polish

As per usual, these products are affordable, but they are a little bit pricier than regular Catrice products. Where a nail polish usually retails for €2.99, these polishes retail for €3.59. Normally, a lipstick costs €3.99, but the Dazzle Bomb lipsticks cost €4.59. Still nothing to break the bank, but it’s good to bear that in mind.

Catrice Dazzle Bomb Nail Lacquer C01 Rose Quartz

The minute I spotted these super sparkly nail polishes, I knew I wanted to try some. This pink number reminded me a lot of an old OPI limited edition shade: Teenage Dream. That polish was quite possibly the best glitter ever, but it sadly dried out on me. I’ve been looking for a dupe ever since.

The Swatch

Glitter polishes are always difficult to show off well. I found the formula to be nice: not to thick and not too thin. The base color is clear, but there are tons of rose toned pink and holographic sparkles in this polish. The swatch is of two coats layered on top of one another and as you can see, you get quite an opaque result. This will stunning layered over other polishes to add some shine. There are two more nail polish colors in this line.

The Lipsticks

Catrice Dazzle Bomb Collection
Dazzling Lip Colour
C01 Eclectic Lilac, C02 Precious Plum, C05 Bronzed Reflection

The lipsticks are available in 5 different shades, I went with three that looked like something I didn’t own yet. The other two shades are glittery variations of your standard red and pink, which just didn’t really look like anything special to me. But purples and a brown? Oh yes, please bring it on!

The Packaging

What drew me in when I saw the display of these was the packaging. How gorgeous are these lipstick tubes? Catrice lipsticks already look chic to begin with, but when they douse their regular lipstick tube in some ombre glitter than I’m your gal. It’s such a simple thing to do, but it does make these lipsticks stand out.

The Swatches

C01 Eclectic Lilac, C02 Precious Plum, C05 Bronzed Reflection

The formula of these is very creamy. This means they won’t last long and you will need to reapply after a meal. It will survive a few drinks, but I’d say these will last 2 hours at most. This is very consistent with their regular Ultimate Colour range, which is also a very creamy formula that lasts 2 – 3 hours. These lipsticks feel just like those.

The Application

C01 Eclectic Lilac, Eclectic Lilac as lip topper
C02 Precious Plum, C05 Bronzed Reflection

On the lips, as could be expected from the swatches, the lilac shade was a tad sheer. My lips are very pigmented though, so if your natural lip color is lighter than mine, then this will look different of course. The reason I got it was because I thought this might be nice as a lip topper. I layered it over a berry and I think the base lipstick was a little too dark to show this off, but over nudes this will give that added sparkle.

Precious Plum and Bronzed Refelection is where the party is truly at. I was afraid these shades might be a tad too shimmery for my liking, but rather than glitter, the shimmer in these transfer as a very pretty soft metallic sheen onto the lips. Precious Plum is a very wearable deep berry shade that is far less shocking than it looks in the tube. Bronzed Reflection ends up being a stunning deeper nude shade. The surprise of this selection for me.

Full Face

So what do these look like full face? Eclectic Lilac, while not in line with my eyelook that day whatsoever, really doesn’t look too bad. This is one that would be best worn with a very simple makeup look though as it is quite the statement on its own. Precious Plum is a stunning deep shade and I like that hint of shine in the center of my lip.

The Conclusion

I think the Catrice Dazzle Bomb collection is very pretty indeed. The timing is off for such a shimmery extravaganza, but the products perform well. While some limited editions can be a hit or miss quality wise, I like what I see here. The collection also contains a loose dazzle dust, blush papers, an eyeliner, body sparkle and an eye & lip powder palette. If you are looking to at a bit of sparkle to your 2018, you will be definitely getting your kicks with this collection.

What do you think of the Catrice Dazzle Bomb collection?

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