Kat Von D Lock-It Concealer Crème

You will have seen this concealer propping up in my Shop My Stash posts from December and November and it’s therefore high time it gets its own review. The Kat Von D products I have tried so far I have liked, but I had yet to try some of her face products. With Kat Von D being a tattoo artist, I would of course have high hopes for the coverage of this concealer. I heard great things about this before I bought it. These are my thoughts.  kat von d lock-it concealer crème review swatch light neutral 5 fair skin dry skin dark circles

Kat Von D Lock-It Concealer Crème 5 Light Neutral

The Kat Von D Lock-It concealer is available in 21 shades from Sephora and with that has one of the best shade ranges for a concealer. The shades also come in warm, cool and neutral undertones which means there is a concealer shade for everyone. The concealer retails for $26 and contains 6.5 ml of product.

The Packaging

The concealer comes in a lipgloss like tube and is supposed to be a liquid, yet full coverage concealer. I like the design of the tube. If there is one thing that Kat Von D gets right its the artwork on her packaging and this concealer is no exception. The liquid teardrop like design makes this item stand out while you can still clearly see the shade inside.

The Applicator

You apply this concealer with a doe foot applicator. Well, doe foot, not quite. The fluffy tip is mostly shaped like a triangle and that is one of the great benefits of this concealer. It is easy to apply in targeted areas, while the wider base of the applicator also allows you to spread product over a larger area if you wish to do so.

The Swatch

Once applied to the skin you can see how creamy and full coverage this indeed is. The texture is rich and you cannot see my skin shining through any of it. Not even when this concealer is blended out. The shade looks a little dark here, but the back of my arm (where I do most of my swatches, because arm hair) is extremely light, much lighter than my face. There are two shades lighter than this one as well as a straight up white.

The Application

Above you can see my under eye without any product. I have fairly deepset eyes, which means I always have dark circles, even if I’ve had plenty of sleep. The shade I picked is a great match to my skin tone, but would not work for highlighting the under eye area. I am not a fan of that look to begin with, so that’s why this is perfect for me.

The coverage this concealer gives is really spot on. It blends out easily, but doesn’t blend away into nothing as some concealers can do. The formula is a little bit drying on my under eye area when I wear it all day, but that is easily combated with a generous application of eye cream before applying makeup.

My main plus point for this concealer is how well it stays put. This doesn’t pull into fine lines and looks flawless all day. That is however, if you don’t apply too much. If you go full on Instagram triangle underneath your eyes, then this will crease. I have found however, that just three dots under my eye is enough to get the coverage I want.

The Conclusion

My verdict is that the Kat Von D Lock-It concealer is an excellent concealer. It’s why I used it for two months straight! I have now moved on to another concealer though. Mainly because my skin has become quite dry because of winter, I have found that this can look a little bit dry and cakey if I don’t keep a close eye on it. The warmth of my fingers would be enough to press it back in and smooth things out though, but I have decided to try a different concealer that is a touch more hydrating for the time being. But I’m sure I’ll be going back to this, as it is one of the best concealers I have ever tried.

What is your favorite high end concealer?

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