Make Up Forever Profusion bronzer

In terms of bronzers, I struggled finding good ones for years. With my pale skin, finding a bronzer that didn’t turn me into an Oompa Loompa was a bit of a challenge. I have found a few that I like on both the affordable and high end side since then. I had heard great things about the Make Up Forever Profusion bronzer and when I tested it in store, I knew it would be a great bronzer for a very subtle glow.

Make Up Forever Pro Bronze Fusion 20M

This bronzer comes in 6 different shades: 3 mattes and 3 shimmers. 20 M is a matte bronzer. After a chat with a MUFE makeup artist, I went with 20 M over 10 M. 10 M is supposed to cater to lighter skin tones, but the undertone of it was too orange for me. This bronzer is not cheap: at $36 this is definitely a more expensive product.

The Packaging

I had not yet tried many MUFE products before. It’s a brand that can be difficult to get a hold of, but I was intrigued by the packaging. The compact is a shiny, reflective bronzer color and comes with a good mirror. In total you get 11 grams of product, which is quite a lot for a powder product.

The Bronzer

The bronzer itself has a fun pattern on top, but of course that wears off quickly when you stick a brush in. What makes this bronzer special though, is the fact that it has a yellow undertone. Most bronzers have a bronze/ orange tone to them, maybe a bit of red. But yellow toned bronzers are difficult to find. And it is yellow toned bronzers that suit neutral skin tones better than the oranges and red that are better suited to warmer skin tones.

The Swatch

Texture wise this bronzer feels quite stiff. This looks and feels almost like a cream. At first it also looks like a brush has difficulty picking up this product. To me, that is a good thing. It means you cannot overapply this. Especially in the winter time, if I am pale, bronzer can look quite crazy, but this, because it is easy to build up if need be, but just as easily can be applied much sheerer, never looks like it is too much.

Another aspect I have noticed is the wear time of this. I don’t tend to struggle with powders staying put, but this bronzer stays on all day just like it was first applied. I like applying this with a large stippling brush as usual, but with this I can use a denser brush for the summer and pack this on a lot more. What’s more, this bronzer blends like no other.

The Application

On the left you can see my face with just my base done. I then generally move on to bronzer, so that is what you see on the right. As you can see it adds just the right amount of bronzer to my face. On my cheeks and along my hairline, you can see a little more color and I look less pale. It gives just the right amount of healthy glow, without overdoing it. This is what a bronzer needs to do in my book.

The Conclusion

Yes, this Make Up Forever Pro Fusion bronzer is a great bronzer if you are fair skinned. It comes in some darker shades as well and can be build up if you apply more product or use a different brush. It is easy to blend and never looks like too much. If you’re looking for a good bronzer that is easy to use or if you’re new to makeup and are afraid to overdo the bronzer, this is a great one.

What is your favorite bronzer?

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